Monday, March 17, 2014

Bubbles and More

The past we had some really nice, warm days. We try and take advantage of the warm days, especially right now because we're in that in between stage where it's sunny and warm one day and then rainy and in the 40's the next (like today) One day last week, after nap, I took the boys outside to blow bubbles. They cracked me up with their little expressions. Evan blows out of the side of his mouth every single time. Carter pokes his lower lip out when he blows, it's so cute.

Evan's little expression when he blows bubbles. Isn't it so CUTE!!??

Carter blowing bubbles. The top middle one is how he looks when he's blowing. I seriously could look at these pictures all day.

They had so much fun. It was actually their first time just getting their own bottle and blowing bubbles. I normally blow them and they chase them, so I'll definitely have to save these bottles and make my own bubble mix this summer because I think we'll be doing a lot of this. (even if it's just so I can see their cute expressions!)
So, the main reason I thought of the bubbles is because I had to bribe them to come outside. These boys are puzzle obsessed!! They don't want to go anywhere, watch tv, or go outside, they have just wanted to do puzzles all day. I could not believe these two didn't want to go outside last week. But, I bribed them to spend a little time outside while it was nice.
This is evan before school one morning doing a puzzle. they'd do one before school, after school, after nap, and normally we let them watch tv after dinner and before bedtime, but they didn't even want to watch any tv. Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles. But, yesterday and today it was rainy and cold and we spent a lot of time at home, and I think the boys are finally over their obsession. They're still playing with their puzzles, but they actually watched tv yesterday and played with some of their other toys today. :)

The other night we went to Wifesaver. We were really disappointed. I don't know if it was just that one or what the deal was, but the food was awful. :( And our food took forever! We were the only ones in there and it took so long, the boys were getting a little antsy. (I have no idea what Evan is doing or why)

Saturday, we also went out. We have been feeling so awful because of allergies. All of us have them, we're not sleeping good at night, and we just feel so run down and exhausted. It's our first spring in Augusta, so I'm hoping that this is the worst it'll be. I tried local honey when we lived in Virginia and it really worked, so I'm going to try and get to the farmer's market and pick up some for us. We've just started working pizza into our budget and meal plan each week because it's something we're probably going to do. The boys love it and when we give them a choice of where to eat, they always want pizza.

The Pizza Joint was out of crayons and kids' menus, so the boys got a postcard and pens. They have never been so distracted by "coloring" at a restaurant. Carter has asked me to sit down and color with a "special pen" ever since. I'll have to remember to always have pens and paper on me, I never would have guessed the boys would have thought a regular old pen was so special.

We took the boys to Chick-Fil-A afterwards for ice cream and to let them play a little, it was pretty busy and there was a good group of kids playing so the boys had a blast.

Sunday, it was rainy and cold. We decided to take the boys to the cheap theater to see The Nut Job. The boys did great, they were so excited to go to the movie theater.

They're both a little small for the seats. Carter sits on the edge (to keep the seat down) the whole movie and Evan watches like this for most of it. He actually sat in my lap for the second half of the movie.

We did go to the zoo last Friday, but I'm going to do a separate post for that. But, this has been what we've been up to the past week.

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