Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Randoms

Our week has been pretty uneventful. Greg's parents left Monday morning and the boys started soccer on Tuesday, but other than that, it's been pretty low key.

Greg's brother and sister in law, the boys aunt Carrie and Uncle Eric sent some Easter goodies with Greg's parents when they came. One of the things they sent, were these cute Easter tongs that you can use to get the eggs out of the dye, but the boys have used them for EVERYTHING!! They would bring them in the car with us, use them to pick up everything, and have just had such a blast with them!

I've come up with games where they pick up balls and move them from one toy bin to another. I could keep them occupied all day with those Easter tongs.

Evan woke up with a fever in the middle of the night on Sunday. He had a rough time going back to sleep and Greg and I were up for a couple of hours with him. He woke up fine on Monday, just a little tired, so after Greg's parents left, we took it easy and watched a movie on the couch.

I pulled out the sofa sleeper and popped popcorn and the boys had a fun time watching Beauty and The Beast

We spent a little time outside this week. The boys love picking me "flowers" and I think it's very sweet. This is my collection from the other night.

The boys bringing me more flowers.

The boys caught me taking a picture, so they demanded for me to flip the camera so they could see me taking pictures as I was doing it. They love seeing themselves on the screen.

This is Carter's "Cheese" face. They don't get that they have to smile or look at the camera, a lot of times, they'll just say 'cheese"

Evan was happy with himself though. He loves seeing himself on the camera.

Greg's parents live near a Carter's Outlet, so they brought us some pajamas for the boys since we can never have enough. I took this picture the day they left of the boys in their brand new pajamas and then forgot to text it to his parents, so I figured I'd put it on here. I don't get enough pictures of storytime. I love story time with the boys.

I've been working on my 32 Before 32 list. On there is to read 12 books this year and I'm trying to read a book a month and would love to get ahead a little bit. I just finished my 3rd book this year, I'm very proud of myself, I started a couple others, but just couldn't get into them, so I didn't finish them. I also booked our beach vacation for May. We were going to go to Savannah, but long story short, we are now going with Hilton Head. We're going down on a Friday and coming back on a Sunday. On our way back, we're going to drive through Savannah and see the things we wanted to see there. So, that knocks off "go on some family trips" and "go to Savannah" so, I'm moving right along with my list of goals. Hoping to get to every one before my birthday.

Also, another big thing that happened this week was my friend Brandi being on the Today Show!! I dropped the boys off at school and came home and immediately started watching the live feed on the website. She did so amazing, she's such a natural with stuff like this. She was on a cooking segment which I think really fits her so well because she's such a great cook. So fun seeing big things happen for one of my best friends!
It's calling for rain this weekend and we tend to be super boring when it's raining. We had big plans to go to Stone Mountain in Atlanta, but it looks like that's not happening. So, hopefully we find some fun things to do with the boys this weekend. I'd hate for my weekend wrap up next Monday to just be about the movies we rented from Red Box ;)

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