Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Good Ol' Picture Dump

I have several pictures from the last week or so, none of them warrant a post by themselves, so I figured I'd do a photo dump post. They're random and out of order, but here's what we've been up to the past couple of weeks.

Carter found a pair of glasses around the house decided that they were his.

Last Friday, I took the boys to McDonald's and let them play.

The weather has been all over the place. We've had some really nice days, rainy days, and days with freezing cold weather. Anytime it's decent out, we try to get outside.

Carter had a dentist appointment on Monday, so my mom came over and watched Evan while I took Carter. This was Carter's second cleaning, but first time at this new dentist since we've moved. He loved the waiting room and even asked if he could play in there after he was done with his visit.

He did so good. For his first cleaning, I laid on the chair and he laid in my lap, because he didn't want to lay in the chair by himself. This time he did just fine on his own. He did great for the cleaning and the xrays. The dentist said his teeth looked perfect.

There was a time when I couldn't imagine the boys going to the dentist because I couldn't imagine them sitting still and listening. They're really growing up. (sniffle, sniffle)

Evan LOVES to take pictures on my phone where he can see himself. He came over to me while he was playing and insisted that he get a selfie with Charlie Brown. He's such a ham.

This week is Dr. Seuss week at the boys school, so I sent them to school in their Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts.

After nap today, Carter wanted to go to Chick-Fil-A and Evan wanted to stay home and play. We've been talking about doing something with each boy one on one for awhile, but we haven't because they always want to do the same things. So, I took Carter to Chick-Fil-A and Greg stayed home with Evan. Both boys had so much fun, it was really nice for them to get a break from each other and get a little one on one time with me and Greg. We're going to try and do this more often, but it's kinda hard to plan in advance, we just have to take advantage of the times when they want to do different things.

On Tuesday nights, the Chick-Fil-A we went to does a something fun like a craft or activity. This week it was free ice cream. Carter definitely enjoyed the unexpected dessert.

We ran by Hobby Lobby on our way home and Carter had a good time. He loved walking through the store with me and looking at all the Easter decorations they had out. I got a few things to put on a spring wreath I'm making.

The boys have started picking me "flowers" (aka weeds) when they're out in the yard and I think it's so sweet!

The other day the boys decided to t-ball with the basketballs.

I hate that these are all out of order. Sunday, we went to my parents and spent the day. It was in the low 70's, so we went up there in the morning and let the boys play outside, ride bikes, etc. and then after naps, my parents grilled out. I brought chocolate stuffed raspberries that I saw on Pinterest, they were really easy to make. I also made coke salad, which is a jello recipe that has cherry jello, coke, pineapple, and cherries in it. It called for pecans, but I didn't have any on hand. I thought it was really good and the boys loved it. I didn't get a picture of it though. :(

Evan is obsessed with taking my dad's hat, so my dad went through his hats and gave each of the boys one to have--they thought they were something!

My dad got out the tractor and took the boys for several rides around the yard. He let them steer and they probably could have done that all day.

I don't think they'll ever get tired of riding on the tractor. They think they are something when they get to steer.

After naps, I filled up the boys water table. It was a little chilly in the shade, but perfect in the sun.

So, that's been the last week or so here. It was so warm on Sunday, then rainy on Monday and today it was a high of 40 degrees! It's supposed to be warm and sunny by the weekend again, so hopefully that doesn't change.

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