Thursday, March 27, 2014

Soccer School

On Tuesday, they boys started soccer school through the YMCA, it's for kids 3-4. It was cloudy almost all day, so I was careful about telling them about it until right before we needed to leave. They were SO excited. I just think they look so cute in their soccer shoes and shin guards!

It was FREEZING at practice. The wind was blowing so hard. The boys have practices on Tuesdays for an hour and then their games are on Fridays. The coach handed out the shirts when we got there, so we put the boys in theirs and took a quick picture before putting them back in their fleece coats.

The boys were so cute and excited, some kids were a little more shy and that's always how I assumed my boys would be, but they just ran out there like it was nothing. Carter fell and hurt his hand and wanted us to ask him if he was better, but other than that, Evan and Carter loved being right in the thick of it all. They started off by running laps around the field.

There was a sweet older girl there, I think she's the coach's daughter, and she was so helpful with the kids and really took the time to show them the things they needed to learn.

Our little team didn't have a coach for a  long time. They started calling everybody that had registered their kid asking if they'd like to coach. I was so afraid that the season would get cancelled but their sweet coach stepped up and we are so thankful for her. I think this is an interesting age to coach because they're so young, it's fun because the kids are so excited and it's new, but they're also 3 and full of energy and no attention spans. I think it takes a special type of person to give up their evenings to coach 3 year old kids.

The boys worked on several different drills, like running around while kicking the ball. Kicking the ball into the goal, throwing the ball in from the sideline, etc.

Evan and Carter thought they were something when they kicked those balls into the goal! They were just so happy and proud of themselves.

I really enjoyed watching them practice. I knew I would, it's just so cute. The kids are so sweet and they're trying so hard to do the things they were being taught.

I'm hoping that the first practice was the coldest because it was miserable, the wind was enough to knock you over, it was insane.

The boys are supposed to have a game on Friday night, but it's calling for a really good chance of rain, so I have a bad feeling the game will be cancelled. They can't wait to go back. I'm so glad the boys love it, I was hoping they would. They've been talking about it ever since, so we're going to get them a kids soccer ball so they can have it in the back yard if they want to practice anything they learned at soccer practice. I can't believe they are old enough to be going to soccer twice a week! This was one of those fun things I looked forward to when I was pregnant with them.

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