Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Visit: Last Day

Sunday it was calling for rain, but we got lucky and it ended up being clear in the morning, so we went up to the Savannah Rapids Pavillion.

We got there and walked down to the river to check it out with Evan taking full advantage of having Grandma and Grandpa there.

I think this is another fun place to go, it's so pretty and it's free. It's probably boring to a lot of people, but Greg and I love doing stuff like this. (probably more me than Greg) but it's somewhere the boys can kind of run around and it's different than just going to the same park all the time.

It was a little gloomy, but not cold.

The boys love the little "waterfall".

I just love the walking trail around here. If the boys were little babies, I think it'd be so nice to come here during the day and put them in a stroller and go walking.

The boys worked up an appetite with all that walking, so we sat at the picnic tables and they had snacks and then played at the park. We didn't stay long because the knats were out like crazy and a ton of them were just flying in our faces.

His serious snacking face.

The park and picnic tables. We were all spread out, Carter wanted this table and Evan wanted that table down there.

We went to Firehouse for lunch and then to the pool at Grandma and Grandpa's hotel. It was fixed but a little cold. I didn't get a single picture of lunch or the pool. :( The boys had a blast though and then we came home and took naps. After naps, Greg's parents came over and we hung out for a little bit before going out to dinner. The boys wanted Grandma to read to them and picked one of the longest stories they have. They have a little bookshelf in Carter's closet where I put all their books and there's several on there that I think are probably too long for their attention span and that they'll grow into. They got this one and they actually conned my mom into reading it awhile back and they're obsessed with it, so as soon as Grandma arrived, they took full advantage of it and grabbed that book for her to read.

I can't believe that sat and listened to the whole thing, it's really long, but they loved it.

We went out to Carolina Ale House for their last dinner here. I came prepared with crayons and coloring sheets for the boys.

After dinner, we went by Walmart and got cake and ice cream to celebrate Grandma's birthday. The boys were very excited that it was her birthday, they love singing happy birthday and I think they know that cake and ice cream are involved anytime anybody has a birthday. We got one last picture before the boys went to bed and Greg took his parents back to the hotel.

Greg brought his parents over the next morning to say goodbye and then he took them to the airport. The boys were sad to see them go, they've been asking about them and when they're coming back. The boys just loved spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Westover.

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