Monday, March 10, 2014

Parks and Puzzles

Our weekend included some crafting. I finally made my spring mesh wreath. I have all the things to make a different type of wreath that I want to try. My mom and I are making all the wreaths we see on Pinterest--we're on a mission to have one for every season.

Friday, I had an appointment and my mom kept the boys while I went by myself to get a mammography. My doctor found a lump on Wednesday and wanted to get it checked out. I was a hot mess for the 48 hours between my original appointment and the mammogram appointment. The tech said she thought it looked good, but I'm still waiting to hear back from the doctor about the results. Definitely a little scary, but I'm trying not to be negative.

Saturday morning we took the boys to the park. It had been raining all week, so the park was still muddy and wet. :(

We bought some turtle food to feed the turtles at the park, but none of them came up close enough for us to feed.

We went to another park across the street that had less mud in the park area and let the boys play for awhile. They had a good time. The weather was really nice.

Carter took a little break to eat a snack and people watch.

Evan made friends with a big group of girls who held his hand, pushed him on the swing, etc. he thought they were something and they were all so sweet to him.

I got out some puzzles I bought at a consignment sale in Virginia on Friday before I went to my appointment. The boys have pretty much been doing puzzles non stop since then. If we're home, they're wanting to work on a puzzle. They got two down pat, so I got out a couple more and they worked on those over and over.

They love for us to help them, just for the company, I think. But, when we're busy or can't get to one of them fast enough, they end up just doing it all by theirselves.

We had to go to Walmart Sunday evening for bananas and found 2 more toddler puzzles in the clearance section for $1.00!! I was so excited.

I'm so glad they're into puzzles. It really surprised me, Evan can get a little bit of a temper if he has a problem doing something, but him and Carter have both been very patient with these puzzles and get such a sense of pride when they finish them.

They each do their puzzles their own way, which is different than the way that Greg and I would do puzzles, so I try and offer guidance when needed, but not take over and make them do it my way. (which is hard)
We also went to the Columbia zoo on Sunday, but I'm doing that as a separate post. We all have really, really bad allergies right now. Runny noses, itchy eyes, stuffiness, coughing, etc. Spring is in the air! I'm not complaining, I'd take warm weather with allergies any day, but we're trying to figure out what medicine works for all of us so we can manage these allergies this spring.

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