Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More Zoo!

Late last week, I decided that another trip to the zoo was in order. I was looking at the calendar and figured we wouldn't get another chance to go until spring break, so even though the boys had just been 6 days earlier, I took the boys to the zoo again on Friday. My mom came over to our house bright and early on Friday morning and helped me get the boys ready and we left about 8:00 and got to the zoo around 9:00. We got there right as several school buses were unloading and there were so many kids, but the field trips were really the only ones there. It was freezing when we got there, Evan threw a tantrum going into the zoo, and then Carter managed to get his pants all wet in the bathroom as soon as we got there. I was starting to think I had made a big mistake, but Evan cheered up on the carousel and I was able to get Carter's pants completely dry under the hand dryer and we ended up having a fun day at the zoo.

The first thing we did was the bird exhibit where you get to feed the birds. It's my favorite, it's right at then entrance and it's one of the few exhibits that start before 10.

One landed on my mom, so the boys were able to feed it. The boys wanted the birds to land on them so bad. They were like "come on bird, come here" haha.

The whole area was packed with the kids on the field trip that didn't have the little cups of food, so kids were flocking to us wanting to get a glimpse of the birds. One asked us to catch one for her, haha.

I decided that we would do the pony ride since we didn't last time and I figured there might be a long wait for it (there was last time) but it didn't open until 10:00 and we had a few minutes to kill, so we went through the reptile/aquarium exhibit. The boys really enjoy this. They love the alligators, turtles, fish, snakes, etc. We were the first ones in there so the boys were able to run around and look without us having to worry about them being in anybody's way or anything.

This is the boys favorite animal. If you ask them, they'll say it's the tiger, but Dory is definitely their favorite. I have no idea what kind of fish it is, but it's Dory from Finding Nemo and they love her. There is a shark swimming around in the tank and they could care less, but they could watch Dory all day.

A group of school kids ran in here while we were in here and I could hear Evan telling them about Dory. She was actually in the same spot as last time just swimming in a circle and the boys managed to find a couple more while we were in there.

There were so many neat things in the huge aquarium section, but they were all chop liver. The boys liked looking at the other tanks that only held one fish and they thought they were neat, but this big huge aquarium that had tons of fun things in it? They could care less, nothing was as cool as dory.

There was a tank with just one Nemo fish (clown fish?) and they thought that was fun.

They liked the sea horse (in it's own tank)

After the aquarium, we went over to the pony rides. The pony rides are free with a membership, so I wanted the boys to get to ride them while we were there. Evan was all for it and Carter said he didn't want to. I was surprised and thought maybe he was scared, but it turns out he just wanted to ride the train first and then he was all for riding a pony.

How cute does Evan look in his little riding helmet?!

Evan was not scared at all and loved the pony ride.

We walked over to ride the train. The cars are really small and the boys wanted to ride in the same one, so I just let them ride it by themselves. It just goes around a little circle, all of which is visible from where we were standing, and the boys did great.

After the train ride, Carter said he wanted to ride a pony. There still wasn't much of a line, so we went over there again. We ended up going over there 3 times, Evan rode 3 times and Carter rode twice. It's normally $5.00 a pony ride, so the membership really came in handy.

He looks so serious.

After the pony rides, we decided to go feed the giraffes. It was all stuff we didn't do last time that I wanted to go ahead and do this time. On the way to see the giraffes, we passed the elephants.

The boys loved feeding the giraffes. Evan would squeal every time he'd stick his huge tongue out and grab some lettuce. There were several people over there and only one giraffe that was eating, otherwise we could have stayed there for awhile, the boys loved it.

Sometimes their lack of fear is a good thing and I like that they're not scared to do things like this.

We did a quick walk through the petting zoo area and garden.

We walked by and Carter just ran over there and started squeezing. I don't know how he knew to do that but he just started milking the cow.

The only picture I got of them together and it was only because we were in line (for the 3rd time) to ride the ponies. I can usually get them to pose if they're excited about something.

We went by the penguin exhibit, one of the last animals we saw. I thought it was really neat, there were rocks and things set up in there and the penguins were really fun to watch.

See the rock thing Carter's standing on? They had a whole room full of rocks to climb on and then after the boys played awhile, I noticed a sign that said "no climbing on the rocks". Oops. But, it's just a huge room full of them, it looks like a mall play area. I thought that was what they were there for.

there were a couple tunnels and things like this throughout the exhibit. There were other birds to look at and one of the areas had a big tree with a hole you could climb into and look at the birds. The boys loved that.

Evan and Meemaw. There's a penguin feeding show that we might try and catch next time. I think the boys might like that.

Of course we rode the carousel several times. My poor mom got stuck on there when I took the boys to the bathroom one at a time. Then we rode it together a few time. My mom and Evan were on the other side, so I didn't get a picture of them, but I had to take a few of me and Carter. He's such a trooper about taking pictures.

We let the boys play in the bubbles for a few minutes before heading home.

We had a picnic lunch like we did last time before going home. It's only an hour drive, so it's not bad at all. We got there about 9, spend a few hours there and left after lunch. I love it--I think it's so much fun. There's so much to do and it's outdoors. Since we bought the memberships, we don't pay a penny for any of it. We bring our own picnic lunch and drinks, so we don't even buy food there. I'm planning on taking the boys back there over their spring break with my mom and sister and then probably another time or two before school gets out. I want to get a few trips in before it gets hot, because it really won't be enjoyable when it's hot and humid out. But, we might be able to go a few times over the summer since we like to get there early anyways, before it'd get too hot. But, I think the zoo is a spring and fall activity.

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