Monday, March 24, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Visit: Day 1

We had Greg's parents in from Arizona this past weekend. They arrived at the Atlanta airport on Thursday afternoon and then left on Monday. It was the first time the boys have seen them since the summer of 2012 and they were very excited to Grandma and Grandpa. After I picked up the boys from school, we packed a snack bag (and skipped nap) and got ready to go to the airport as soon as Greg got home around 2:30. I went out of the room for a second and these two dumped the entire box of teddy grahams on the counter to eat. They were quite pleased with themselves.

We picked up Greg's parents and stopped for dinner at a Burger King with an outdoor play area so the boys could stretch their legs. We ended up dropping his parents off at their hotel and getting the boys in bed about 8:45, 45 minutes past their bedtime. They were such troopers for that long drive there and back with just a short stop for dinner, they loved having adults ride in the back of our van with them too!

Friday morning, we picked Greg's parents up from their hotel and went to a few stores and then downtown to Nacho Mama's for lunch.

We had 1:30 reservations for a one hour boat tour of the Augusta Canal on the Savannah river. We watched a short historical movie at the museum and then walked around the museum while we waited for the tour to start. The boys loved the model train they had set up.

There are several different companies that do boat tours and I went with the one that did them during the week and that we had a coupon for. I have seen double story boats that look like they have room for the boys to walk around during the tour and thought that's what we were going to be on. But, we weren't. It was a very tight fit and the boys were free, so they had to sit in our laps because it was a sold out tour. It was right at naptime and the boys were tired from the long day they had on Thursday, but they were SO good during the boat ride. The way it was set up, they couldn't really see the water without standing up on the seat, which was difficult because of how we were sitting, but they did great sitting on our laps and not getting fussy. Had I known how it was set up, I probably wouldn't have taken the boys, but it was very interesting and I'm glad we did it.

Trying to get more pictures with the boys which usually means doing a quick selfie on my phone.

I thought the boat tour was a fun way to see Augusta.

When I first uploaded the pictures from the tour, I didn't add any that had the other people from the tour in them and any that I couldn't remember the name of exactly what it was that I had taken a picture of. But, then I ended up with just the couple pics I took of the boys, so I went ahead and put some more on here, even if they needed cropping (like to get random people out of them) who has time to edit pictures?

It was a beautiful day and we even got a little warm on the tour.

Going under the bridges was definitely the best part of the tour for the boys. They thought it was so much fun.

Greg hates it when I take crooked "artistic" pictures. But, in my defense, a lot of these weren't taken like that on purpose (some were) I had Carter in my lap and was using one hand to take the pictures and I was SO terrified of dropping my phone in the river, so I was trying to hold it tightly and be quick when I took the pictures.

See the random people, I usually try and crop these, but-ain't nobody got time for that today. ;)

I took several pictures and Carter wanted me to take a picture of him.

On the way back, Carter got in the floor and took a little rest.

I wanted to get a picture with Evan and later when I was going through the pictures I saw that somebody photobombed us. haha, I had no idea until that evening.

Our grumpy faces.

And then after our selfie, he decided to join Carter in the floor.

On the way through the museum to get to our car after the tour, Evan saw this and he cannot pass one of these without posing!

The boys are quick, though. I got several pictures without either of them in it, because they like to stick their face in and then race to the next hole, you gotta be quick with the camera if you want to catch them.

We had dinner plans at 5:00 and had a little time to kill, so we decided to let the boys swim for a little bit. Greg's parents specifically got a hotel with an indoor pool just for this reason, we got the boys dressed and told them all about it and walked in and the pool was completely drained! They had to fix a light and the pool wasn't available to swim in until Sunday. Luckily they had a hot tub and Evan had the best time sitting on the side and splashing. It took Carter a little while to come around, but then he sat on the side splashing and it was an easy way to kill 45 minutes-an hour before dinner.

We met up with my parents and sister at Mellow Mushroom--the boys favorite restaurant. This is the first time my sister and mom have met Greg's parents. My dad met them once back in 2004 in Arizona. Greg and I have been together since 1999, but this is just the first time we've all been able to be in one place at one time. Since we did a weddingmoon, just the two of us in Jamaica, they didn't meet at the wedding, so it was nice for us all to get together. The boys were excited, they knew they'd have the attention of anybody they wanted and Evan definitely took advantage by going from lap to lap and then having Greg's dad feed him.

We had pretty full days while they were here, so I'm just going to do 3 separate posts for their 3 day stay. It's fun having out of town guests because we look for touristy things to do and it allows us to kinda be tourists in our own town.

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