Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weekend Recap and Strawberry Patch

Saturday morning, after we picked the boys up from my parents, we went to Lowe's to get some plants and mulch for our yard. I wanted to plant a few vegetables and herbs and Greg wanted to mulch the front yard.

We went home and the boys played in the pool and practiced soccer while Greg and I planted our garden. After we all took showers and got cleaned up, we took the boys to the strawberry patch.

They were so excited to go. They love picking any kind of vegetable or fruit. We've gone every year since they were born. They actually remember the place we went last year because Evan asked me if we were all going to get ice cream afterwards (which is what we did in Virginia)

This farm had some great looking strawberries. They had a lot of rules about where and how to pick, but a much better selection of strawberries than we've ever seen. We're used to an open field where people can pick what they want and the boys have a little more freedom, but the strawberries weren't as nice as this.

I told the boys to pose with their bucket of strawberries.

The lady in the store gave the boys samples of their strawberry lemonade. The boys loved it.

They were worn out when we left. Both boys fell asleep before we got home.

 (2013) Just for fun, since this is something we've done every year. Here's a picture of the boys last year in Virginia at Chiles picking strawberries.

2012  I took the boys by myself and met some friends down there. The boys were WILD, they saw strawberries and knew immediately what to do and were shoving them in their mouths faster than I could pick them. They loved it.

2011 The boys first trip to the strawberry patch, they were about 9 months old. You can click on the years and see the post I did for that year's trip.

Saturday night, Carter had a rough time after going to bed. He was feeling warm and was just not comfortable. He was sleeping, but being very noisy--calling out, fussing, whining, moaning- all in his sleep. I went up and rocked him for awhile and that seemed to help. But, afterwards, I still ended up having to go check on him several times throughout the night.

I took the boys to McDonald's to play and get some ice cream while Greg finished mulching and doing what he needed to do in the yard.

The boys had a blast. Carter wasn't acting like he felt bad, he wasn't 100% himself, but I just figured it was allergies that were bothering him.

Later that afternoon, we went to the park. It was calling for rain all week, so we wanted to try and get outside some.

Carter wasn't really interested in playing once we got to the park, so that was a sign that it probably wasn't allergies and that he was actually sick. He was happy sitting with Greg and going on short walks around the park, so we let Evan play a little bit before going home.

When we got home, both boys wanted to play in the pool while I cooked dinner, which wasn't going to take very long. So, they played for a little bit and then came in and relaxed on the couch while I finished dinner.

I tried a new recipe for asparagus and it was amazing. It defeats the purpose of eating a healthy vegetable when you smother it with cheese, but it was so good.

Carter ended up having another rough night on Sunday and him and Evan both missed school Tuesday. They feel a little warm to touch sometimes, but not real feverish. They both have coughs and runny noses. They go back and forth between seeming like they're completely fine to acting like they don't feel good, so I have no idea what's going on. They had a pretty good, low key day (we also skipped soccer practice) and I'm hoping that they are back to their old selves when they wake up in the morning.

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