Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chiles Peach Orchard

Sunday morning, we took the boys to Chiles Peach Orchard to pick strawberries. We wanted to take them over the weekend and we had some prospective renters coming by that morning to look at the house, so we needed something to do. The boys love going to Chiles, we went several times last year. They have strawberry season (usually for a couple of weeks in May) then peach season and the boys just love going and picking their own and eating them.

It's so beautiful there.

The boys each had to have their own box to put their strawberries in. I don't know why, none of the strawberries ended up making it into the box anyways. The boys ate them faster than they could pick them.

Evan just went off on his own, he picked his own strawberries, removed the stems (unlike last year) and ate them. He looked so grown up to me.

Carter didn't care if he picked them or if Greg picked them and gave them to him, he just wanted to eat them. :)



I should have got a picture before or after they started picking strawberries, they were not interested in posing, they were interested in getting more strawberries.

Isn't it just beautiful there with the mountains?

Yes, I'm posting 3 of basically the same picture, but I thought they all were cute and the boys were taking turns looking at the camera, so I had to post them all.

After picking strawberries, we went inside for some strawberry frozen yogurt. We get the boys peach frozen yogurt during peach season and I think they liked this just as much if not more. look at Evan's stained cheeks from the strawberries.


After we were done, we loaded the boys up and started pulling out and Evan had the biggest meltdown because he wanted to pick peaches. The peaches won't be ready to pick for a couple more weeks, but he remembered that we pick peaches there. So, we actually pulled over and Greg went in and bought a couple of peaches (that they got in from South Carolina) for the boys to eat and we parked and got back out so the boys could eat their peaches. Evan's tantrum stopped as fast as it started, he just wanted to eat a peach while we were there. They were hard and $1.99 a pound, but they were so happy!

Carter, being weird, while eating his peach. :)

I love how much the boys enjoy doing things like this and I love how much they love fruit. They don't love a lot of vegetables, but they do love some fruit.

I'm glad the boys love peaches so much since we're moving to the Peach State. ;)

I was trying to get some pictures on my good camera and apparently, it's  hard to eat a peach with a camera shoved in your face.

We all had a great time and I'm glad we were able to go one last time before moving.

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