Saturday, June 15, 2013

Greenbrier Park and Taco Bell

Friday, we took the boys to a new park that I have been wanting to check out. It was on the way to another one we go to, so we figured if we drove by and it was small, we'd skip it and go to the other one. It's at a school, but it's also open to the public.

The boys were very excited to go to the new park. There was a lot to do there, lots of climbing. There were several benches and picnic tables. The weather was so nice, it was in the 70's and there was a nice breeze, it was the perfect morning to be outside.

There were two other kids there. All the kids immediately became friends and started playing. The younger one, was a boy who was four and his name was Evan too.

I love how kids can just go up to other kids and start playing. The brother and sister that were already there, just came up to Evan and Carter and started talking to them and playing right away. The boys do the same thing. I love that! It makes me so happy to see them playing with other kids.

This girl was so sweet, she really liked Carter.

How cute is this!?

The boys loved the bridge, they kept crossing it.

The boys are happy at any park that has climbing.

I loved this shaded spot that had picnic tables. Greg and I were able to sit there while the boys played some.

Both boys wanted to sit next to daddy.

On the way home from the park, we stopped and Greg and I got a slice of pizza for lunch. This is one of my favorite places in Charlottesville--they have the best pizza. I normally get the tomato, feta, and avocado, but they didn't have any ready. The boys had played so hard at the park, I wanted to get in and out before they fell asleep in the car, so I got a slice with fresh mozzarella and basil. It may be my new favorite. Mmmm... 

After the boys naps, we ran errands and then took them to Taco Bell to play a little. We all took really good naps and we wanted to make sure the boys got some energy out before bedtime. Greg and I are always talking about the things we say that we never, ever thought we'd say, but have to because we're parents. Well, while we were there, Evan decided he didn't want his shorts on and took them off. Carter brought them down and we see Evan in just his diaper. I actually said the words "put your pants back on or we're leaving Taco Bell" never thought I'd have to say that. He for some reason, just didn't want them on, but I put them back on and rolled the waist down and he was happy and left them on the rest of the time we were there. Thank goodness.

Both boys wanted to sit next to daddy. I had the whole side of the booth to myself. :)

The boys stuck together the whole time. I love how close they are. They may fight, but they really are best friends.

We had a nice day as a family. We didn't get a ton done or do anything super exciting, but it was relaxing and nice.

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