Sunday, June 9, 2013

Play Dates and Tonsler Park

 When I went to go upload pictures I took over the weekend, I found a couple from Summer Fun Days that I forgot I had on my camera. I wanted to go ahead and post these too.

All the kids made homemade pretzels, and I just thought the boys looked so cute sitting at the table with their bowls.

Stirring the sprinkle of sugar they got in their bowls.

The church had a cute playground outside that all the kids played on while the pretzels were cooking.


Anyways, back to our weekend update. Saturday morning, we were supposed to go over the mountain to Harrisonburg and meet up with some friends in my MOPs group. They were all bringing their kids and husbands and I was really looking forward to it, but it rained all day Friday and was calling for it on Saturday, so we decided to skip it. It just wouldn't have been worth the drive, if we got there and it was raining. So, instead, my friend Robyn and her daughter, Aubrey (and new baby sister, Abigail) came over for a play date. Robyn and I worked together and then were pregnant at the same time and actually had our kids on the same day. Our first "play date" was in the hospital when Greg and I walked down to her room with the boys to visit. I'm so glad we were able to spend some time with them before we moved.

The boys were a little cranky at the house. They played ok, but one would fuss and then the other one would fuss, so we talked and hung out for a little bit, then we took the kids to Taco Bell, so they could play on their playground and we could eat lunch and talk some more. The boys did great after we left the house, they just wanted to get out, I guess.

I wanted a picture of the 3 of them, but we had a hard time getting them all to look and smile at the same time. I cannot believe how tall Aubrey is, she actually looks a tad bit taller than the boys.

Me and Robyn were trying to get the kids to look at the camera.

Finally, Carter smiles, but the other two aren't looking. Oh well.

This is a picture that Robyn posted from when the kids were about 6 months old and we took them to the mall. They were so tiny!

I feel like I can barely remember them all this small!!

It started to clear up Saturday afternoon, so after the boys naps, we headed downtown to Tonsler Park. This is one of my favorite parks. We'd go more if it was a little closer.

I wanted to take some pictures of just how big and nice this park is. They have two separate playgrounds, one for older kids and one for toddlers. They have a music station with drums, maracas, etc.

The big kid playground is huge with 5 slides, lots of climbing things, a bridge, etc. There's a lot of shade on the playground, so that was nice. It was hot while we were there, so the shaded parts were nice.

A little piano thing that played music.

So much climbing. The boys loved it.

Evan kept asking me to sing while he played the drums. When I try and sing at home or in the car, they both immediately tell me to stop, but when we're in public, they want me to sing?!

another picture of the park. I just want to remember all of this after we move. Plus, I don't think a lot of my mom friends have been to this park, so I wanted to post some pictures to show them how nice it is.

There's tons of benches and a lot of them were in the shade. We were actually able to sit and watch the boys play for awhile. I never thought we'd get to a stage where we could sit and relax a little bit while they played at a park. It's nice.
You can see how red the boys faces were. It was really hot, they both kept telling me it was hot outside, but there was lots of shade and we brought plenty of water.

They love the see saw!

Carter said 'No more cheese, mommy--stop!"
The kids climbing web. I know this is intended for older kids, but the boys love it. They do really good on it.
I took several pictures of them on this thing.


We stopped by the store on the way home and I bought my first ever fresh pineapple. I was so proud of myself. :) The boys had fresh pineapple the other day, a friend had it at the pool and shared with them. I've been wanting to buy one ever since. We've actually went back out today and got another one because we finished this one off. We all loved it, it's so much better than canned pineapple.

Today, we had a really lazy day. We played at the house most of the day because of the rain. We ran to Sam's Club before the boys nap and then after they woke up, we went to the mall to look for some new shoes for them. They played in the play area for a little while and then we came home and ate dinner. We have another busy week full of play dates, a girls night out for me, a first dentist appointment for Carter, etc. So it was nice to have a low key day before our busy week starts.

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