Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Standardsville Strawberry Festival

Saturday was the Stanardsville Strawberry Festival. We've taken the boys every year (2011,2012) I love going, it's free and it's just a fun thing to get out of the house. This year, we met up with the boys' friend, Konnor. The boys adore Konnor, so they think that anything we do is much better when he's there. When we first got there, we got a spot in the shade and the boys were in awe of the cloggers. I have NEVER seen these boys be still, but they just watched and watched.

This is what happens when I tell the boys to say "cheese", they smile at each other.

Look at them! Just standing, in one spot, for more than 2 seconds.

This is the picture I posted on Facebook, even their preschool teacher said they need to get some cloggers to come to school--haha!

They sell all kinds of strawberry goodies, so the boys split a strawberry shortcake. All the money they make goes to fund a missions trip, which is nice.

The boys loved the strawberry shortcake.

Then, the boys shared a strawberry smoothie. Mmm....

Afterwards, we went over the kid area. They block off a huge area and fill it with toys and games. They charge $1.00 for the kids to come in and play (and that money goes to funding the missions trip, too) They had a box of dry pasta filled with toys, which the boys loved.

This is the toddler area of the kid play area. It was specifically for kids 3 and under.

They had miniature golf, face painting, etc.

A coloring table with crayons and strawberry themed coloring sheets.

Afterwards, we went to Taco Bell to let the kids play and get some lunch. The boys must have worked up an appetite because even after the goodies at the Strawberry Festival, they split a 10 piece nugget.

 And ya'll know I had to post pics from last years Strawberry Festival. :)

And they boys first Strawberry Festival in 2011. Look how itty bitty they are!!

The boys are old enough that the things we are doing with them are starting to become tradition. I love that we've taken them every year to the strawberry festival. We have a couple of other things that we've been doing on a regular basis every year and I love that.

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