Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Splash Park

We have been staying busy with our upcoming move to Georgia. The house is a mess, there's boxes of stuff that I'm taking with me when I leave on Saturday, things that Greg needs to take with him when he comes down (10 days later), I've organized some things so the movers would pack them together, and I'm packing suitcases for me and the boys of things we'll need for at least 2 weeks. Plus, we're trying to have play dates and see our friends and let the boys spend time with their friends as much as we can before we leave. We're exhausted! I want to keep my blog updated with moving updates, so I can look back on all of this, but I also have a few posts to do about what we've been up to the past few days.

Saturday, we took the boys to the splash park for the first time this summer. We have a really good splash park here that's free, so we wanted to take advantage of it before we moved. I'm really hoping to take the boys again, but we only have 3 days left. (eek!)

Carter was a little slow getting into the water. It took him a few minutes to warm up to the idea.

Evan, on the other hand, just jumped right in. He's always been like that with the splash park, he just takes off running and gets soaked as soon as we get there, he loves it.

This was our first time going on a weekend, but as you can see from the pictures, it still wasn't crowded.

I'm so glad we got a break from the rain. It was so nice and warm out.

Both boys had such a good time. Evan seems to just really, really light up when we're at the splash park. He just loves it. His favorite thing is for us to spray him with the water hose, so he just has such a ball here.

Greg got in there with them and they loved it.

The boys bathing suits look so huge to me in these pictures. I think they're too tall for 2t, but the 3t's look so long on them.

I didn't bother bringing my good camera, so these pictures aren't the best, but I wanted to get a lot of them playing here.

So happy.

Greg is such a trooper here, he always get right in and plays with the boys. The water was COLD! But, it made them so happy for Greg to be right in there with them.

The boys looked so cute in their pirate towels that Mamaw bought them. Evan went around saying "Argh! I'm a pirate"

Afterwards, we went to Chipotle for lunch. It's one of my favorite places and there's not one in Augusta. :( So, we went for one last Chipotle burrito. They have the cutest little kids meals. Carter gobbled up the quesadilla.

Evan loved the chips.

I really feel like when we move, we aren't going to have any regrets about not doing enough with the boys while we lived here. We've really tried to take advantage of everything Charlottesville has to offer. I'm so glad we got to go to the splash park as a family one last time before we move.

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