Monday, June 3, 2013

Back Home

We left Georgia around 3:45pm on Wednesday. We wanted to drive for a few hours, then stop and let the boys play, change them in the pjs, give them a blanket, and hope that they went to sleep about their normal time and sleep the rest of the way home. Carter ended up taking a nap before we left. I was planning on skipping their naps, but Carter got his blanket and pacifier and asked to take one.
Evan was so tired, but didn't take a nap. He ended up falling asleep immediately after we pulled out of my parents' driveway.

Carter saw me taking a picture of Evan and asked me to take his, too.

Nothing makes you feel old like a long car trip. I used to be able to get by on very little sleep, stay up all night, etc, but after having kids, I am no longer able to do it like I used to. We made a caffeine stop to get some things to help us make it home. I also had to get a coffee at like, 9:00 to make it the rest of the way. We ended up getting home about midnight and the car was unloaded and we were all in bed by 12:45. The boys did great and watched Toy Story 3, 2 and part of one and fell asleep about 8:30 and slept the rest of the night. We were able to unload the entire van and transfer them to their beds without them waking up.

We were so exhausted the next morning. Evan woke up at 4 something, so Greg got up and then came back to bed a couple of hours later and I got up with them. We played on the couch a lot. We left the house to go get lunch and bring it back to eat, but that was it. We were worn out. And by "we", I mean me and Greg. The boys were hyped up!

They did ask for me to pull the bed out on the couch, so we did that and let them watch cartoons.

This one is going to have to stop getting up so early!

After naps, we took the boys to the park. It was hot and we figured it'd be so crowded but there was only one other family there.

The boys had a blast. They played so hard! Their little cheeks were so red. They drank their entire sippy cups of water and when we said it was time to go home, they were ready.

I'm so glad it's summer. It's so nice to be able to get outside, even if it's hot. I'd take sunny over cold any day.

The boys talked Greg into coming up. They love playing with daddy.

My little monkeys.

The only thing I'm not loving are the circadas. Those suckers are creepy!! They're huge and there's SO many of them. But, it's better than nasty weather and being kept inside, even if I practically have a heart attack anytime one of those bird sized bugs come flying at me.

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