Friday, June 7, 2013


Tuesday afternoon, after Greg got home, we decided to take the boys to Yoder's. We gave them some choices on what to do and that's what they picked. We met their friend, Konnor, there to pet the animals and let the boys eat dinner. I take tons of pictures anyways, but I've been bringing my camera with me everywhere and trying to get lots of pictures since we're moving. I don't know what all we'll be doing over the next couple of weeks, so I don't know if we'll get a chance to make it back to Yoder's. :(

When we got there, the first thing we noticed was that there were 3 llamas! There's usually just goats and some birds (ducks, chickens, turkeys, peacocks). I told the boys they were llamas like "Llama, Llama, Red Pajama) and Carter was thrilled! The boys each have their favorite books and the "Llama, Llama" series is one of Carter's and my favorites.

Then, Carter saw a tire, and that was much more exciting. Oh, life with boys.

Evan tried to feed the llamas, but they were still a little shy. Evan's so funny about feeding the animals, he wants to give his food to a specific animal, usually the baby goats, and he doesn't like it when the big (sometimes mean) goats bump them out of the way to get it.

After getting a good look at the llama, I've decided they are definitely more creepy than cute.

The boys had a blast with Konnor.

There's a place where the goats can climb up and you can use this pulley to bring food up to them. The boys played with this forever, they loved working as a team to bring it up and down. They would sing "hi, ho, hi ho" from Snow White while they were doing it.

We got some sandwiches, chips, and lemonade for the boys and they had a little picnic. I got a side of pickles for each boy because they love pickles now.

Evan wanted candy instead of the sandwich and had a little tantrum. Although, he forgot all about the candy we didn't get him after he tried the apple chips and lemonade. I tried to get him to look at me while I took his picture and he turned and said "cheese" Haha, this doesn't look like a happy face, but it was.

One of the chickens got out and I think it made Carter's day. He was so excited, he followed the chicken around, talking to it, and even said "Pok, pok" a few times to him. (I have no idea how to spell the chicken noise, pretty sure it's not "pok", but oh well)

The chicken would turn suddenly and Carter would jump, laugh, and say "you scared me, chicken"

We have been staying busy! The boys and I have been doing lots of fun things during the day (that I'll blog about) part of it is because it's summer and we just have lots of fun things planned for summer, but part of it is knowing that we're leaving and we want to do these fun, local things before we move. We want to see our friends and take advantage of our time left. We have something fun scheduled pretty much every day for the next couple of weeks, so I'll be taking lots of pictures and writing lots of blog posts. I want to stay on top of blogging because when we first move, we'll be staying with my parents until our stuff arrives and we get everything unpacked. They don't have high speed internet (at the house they're living at), so I want to be caught up on everything when we move.

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