Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our Busy Week

I may have mentioned this in another post, but we have been staying very busy lately. A lot of that is due to the fact that it's summer and we have play dates and fun things to do but another part of it is that we're really trying to enjoy our last couple of weeks here.

We've been going through everything and trying to decide what to keep and what to sell before we move. We talked about maybe getting rid of this tool bench (and getting a different one after we moved), but when I brought out the tools that went with it, the boys had the best time. We'll definitely be holding on to this. :) But, they are like that with EVERYTHING. They will see a baby toy or shoe that's too small that's in a donate pile and all of a sudden, it's their favorite thing ever.

Let's just talk about this one for a second. He has decided that he does not want to wear pajamas to bed! What?! He's worn pjs once this week and it's Friday. The rest of the nights, he's gone to bed in his diaper. The one time he did wear his pajamas to bed, he got up in the morning and stripped down in the hallway before coming into our room in just his diaper. He insists on staying like this until we get dressed for the day, which is usually a couple hours after he gets up.

Tuesday, we had a play date at a park with some other preschool moms. It was so fun, the boys got to see their classmates and the moms were able to talk. It's nice for the kids to keep in touch over the summer. We also had some guests that were not welcomed (as you can see from the bottom left picture) Cicadas were everywhere. I've heard they only have a couple of weeks left and I could not be happier, they're so creepy.

After our play date, I took the boys to go get a sandwich from a local shop, called The Carving Board. Greg had to come home to meet a mover around lunch time, so I picked up sandwiches for us to have for lunch since it's one of our favorite places to eat. There's a couple of things that Charlottesville has that Augusta doesn't, so I'm trying to get those in before moving.

I got the boys a bag of chips to eat while we waited for our sandwich. They didn't even like them! :(

When we got home, Evan had a major meltdown over something, I don't even remember. Greg was home going through the house with a potential mover, and they may have had something to do with it--he might have wanted to play with daddy or was excited daddy was home in the middle of the day--who knows, all the tantrums of the week just blend together. :) But, I needed him to be good while this guy was going through the house giving us an estimate, so I let him pick a movie to watch. So, I sat on the couch with two boys in my lap, watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". In June.

I was getting ready the other day and heard a weird noise and came out to find the boys' couch that was in the living room, set up at the top of the stairs. I have no idea why.

Then, I watched the boys do this, move the couch back downstairs. Look at them, moving furniture, working as a team, following directions. Not sure why we met with 4 moving companies this week, we could have just put these two to work. ;)

Wednesday morning, we had Summer Fun Days. This is a summer long thing that's held at Stanardsville Methodist Church, the same place my MOPs meetings take place. It's for 2 and up and they invited us last year to come, but the boys weren't turning 2 until August. I felt they might have been just a little too young. I have been looking forward to this for awhile. When we got there, there was fun dancing on a parachute and when the music stopped, you were supposed to stop on your favorite color. The boys would not do it. Then they had a short story time, just a couple of pages from a book and the boys ran off and wanted to go outside. I thought that I was going to have to just go home with them and was so disappointed and a little embarrassed, but right before I was going to leave, they started the next activity, which was making homemade pretzels. The boys jumped right in and did so good. They love stirring and helping. Then, we went outside to play on the playground while the pretzels cooked and everybody got to enjoy their pretzel and some popcorn and juice outside. The boys had a lot of fun and I'm so happy we stuck it out.

Eating their popcorn outside. And their pretzels that they made.

After that, we went to Taco Bell with another mom and her kids for lunch and the boys played and ate. After nap, we met Konnor at the park and played for a little while.

This is what you do when two kids want the same thing at the park. :)

Carter and Konnor.

Thursday morning, this one (without his pajamas) wanted carrots for breakfast. I had to take a picture, he asked for seconds. That's A-1 sauce he's dipping them into, his all time favorite sauce, and the only thing he'll dip carrots in.

We had a preschool play date planned for a splash park. I was really looking forward to that because it's one of the main things I want to do this summer before we move. Charlottesville has so great splash parks and the boys always have such a great time. Plus, school isn't out for the K-12 kids yet, so I thought it'd be perfect to take them when it wasn't too crazy. ended up raining, so we switched it to Taco Bell. There were several of us that showed up and we were there for over 2 hours. The boys had a blast. The only picture I was able to get, was when they sat down to eat for a second.

Thursday, after nap, Greg took the boys to Bounce and Play while I stayed home and worked on getting stuff organized and ready to move.

Friday was so rainy and nasty, we decided to spend the morning at home. Plus, we've been so on the go this week, I thought a relaxed morning and some early naps might be good. The morning went fine, the boys played good and then they went down for an earlier nap than they had been all week. Both boys ended up sleeping for 3 hours, which was nice. They woke up in great moods. We needed to go to the store, but we decided to take them by the mall and let them play. We haven't gone in awhile because there were getting bored with it, so we weren't sure how it'd go. But, all the kids there were high energy, they were running around, screaming, playing. there were a couple of kids crawling on all fours and growling at other kids, which the boys thought was the best thing in the world. They'd laugh and run and then go back to get "growled" at again. It was so cute. The older kids were so nice, they saw how much the boys loved it and they would just do it over and over with them.

This is how all my pictures turned out--a blurry mess.

We were so happy that the mall went so well, the boys left in great moods (no kicking and screaming) and we decided that since it was 5:30, the boys had run out some energy, and they had small snacks after nap, that they might do ok eating out. So, we went to Mexican with the boys and it went GREAT! It was actually enjoyable. I feel like every time we eat out with them, they do better and better, which makes us so happy.

We just could not get over how well behaved they were and how well they ate.

Both boys were just so good, it really made our night.

After dinner, we really, really needed a couple of things from the store, so we decided to run by Target really quick. Greg got a call right before we got there from one of his friends that he hadn't talked to in awhile, so I decided to take both boys in by myself, in the rain, to shop. All the double carts were outside and wet, so I had to use a normal cart. The boys immediately decided who would go in front and who would go in back and there was no fighting. They were angels the whole time I was in there. It was AMAZING!! If y'all read my blog on a normal basis, you know I've had more than one bad shopping experience with them. But, it was the best shopping trip I've had with them in a long time.
 So, that was our week. It was so full and it made me so happy. I love staying busy and I love seeing the boys play with their friends. I also had to brag on just how good they were Friday night. I'm a little nervous for the weekend, though,  what if they used all their "good" up Friday night?!? ;)
Now, a quick moving update. We rented our house out!! Yay! This is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. They will be moving in right after we move out, so we're so happy about that. We also picked a moving company and everything is set with them as far as the dates. They are going to come packing the weekend I planned on leaving with the boys, so the boys and I will be going down to Georgia on June 21st, a week earlier than we planned. Greg will be moving on July 2nd. I can't believe how fast all this is happening, but I'm so glad to have a moving company, renters, and official dates of everything.
Oh, and we did not go with these guys. :)

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