Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Week

 We have had a very busy week. We managed to stay pretty busy, even though the weather hasn't been great.

Monday, we went to our weekly multiples play date. I'm really going to miss that when we move. I thought this was going to be our last one, but it turns out we're going to be able to make next week's play date. So, I'll be very sad at the end of that play date. We've been getting together pretty much weekly for over a year. :(
 During the boys nap, my friend dropped off her son, Konnor, for a little while, so she could go to an appointment. Carter was super excited to wake up and find his friend at our house. The boys went and woke up Evan to play, but Evan was not as excited as Carter. He's like his mama, and doesn't like getting woke up. ;)

Tuesday, we went to park to meet our preschool friends for a play date. It was a rough day, so much so that I didn't get a single picture (gasp!) The stress of the move finally hit me and the boys were just fighting a lot and not in great moods. They can go days with hardly any fighting and then have a day where all they do is fight. Tuesday and Wednesday were really long days. I do think they can sense when I'm stressed out and it may have been a vicious cycle--I was stressed about the move, they were fighting and whining, I was getting more stressed, they were getting more fussy, etc. But, we're going to have those days sometimes.

Wednesday, we went to Summer Fun Days at Stanardsville Methodist Church. It was the last one we're going to before we move. They started off the morning 'tie dying" shirts. The little kids just drew on them, but the older kids used a sharpie method to "tie dye" t-shirts. The boys seemed to have more fun coloring the cardboard underneath, though.

After the kids colored their shirts, they went outside for water play. There were pools and a slip-n-slide set up. It was a little hard to get the boys into playing, especially Evan. Like I said, Tuesday and Wednesday were rough days. They didn't seem into and kept wanting to come inside and change so they could have snack and go. I was able to keep them out there for awhile and then the kids all got popsicles for snacks. That really seemed to change the boys mood! :) Then, they played really good until it was time to go.

The boys stuck together the whole time, it was very cute.

They kept coming inside and I'd have to talk them into going back and having fun. Evan kept saying it was too hot. Haha, I'm pretty sure I have the only kids on the planet that complain about the weather. They're always telling me it's too hot or too cold, or too windy. What am I going to do with them?

Later that day, we let the boys play outside in their water table. We didn't think they'd play for very long, but of course, since we didn't put them in their bathing suits, they played great and got soaked. :)

This was taken at 10 in the morning on Thursday. It's been so rainy and nasty this week. Thursday, they were calling for some bad weather, but luckily, it wasn't too bad. A little rain and some wind, but that was it for us.

Thursday, I took Carter to his first dentist appointment. He had a little spot on one of his teeth that I thought might be a cavity. Greg thought it was plaque or something and not a big deal. I didn't want to take a chance and there's a pediatric dentist close by, so I scheduled him an appointment. We dropped Evan off at his friend, Konnor's house, so Carter was so heart broken that he was going to the dentist while Evan got to play with his friend. He didn't cry, he just kept saying in this most pitiful voice "I play with Konnor, too?" :( When we got there, Carter tripped on the sidewalk outside and skinned his knee, the knee that he has to have a Cars bandaid on every night before he'll go to sleep. But, he didn't cry and was excited to see the waiting room.

Then, we were called back in to this neat room with the fish tank (Carter was so excited that there was a castle in the fish tank) and a sweet hygienist came in to talk to us. She actually had peanuts for lunch and went to go wash up and brush her teeth before doing anything with Carter because of his peanut allergy, how sweet is that?! I would have got the standard "first time at the dentist" picture, if Carter would have laid in the chair, but he refused. It was the nicest office with tv screens above the chairs that had Netflix instant on them, so he could watch whatever cartoon he wanted. There was even a Cars blanket on the chair, but he wouldn't do it. So, finally, she offered him a Cars bandaid for his knee and he agreed to lay on the chair, if I laid on there too. So, I had to lay down and he laid in my lap. He was SO good for the hygienist. He let her clean his teeth. She got the electric brush out to clean his teeth after using the scraper and he did not like the noise it made. He let her "tickle" his arm with it, he thought that was hilarious, but would not let her put it in his mouth. She told him that if he didn't, she'd have to use the scraper, so he opened his mouth wide and said "ahhh" Probably the only person in the world that would rather have the scraper (or whatever it's called) but he was so good while she did that. Turns out, it was just a calcium deposit, which is common and not a big deal. I found out all kinds of interesting information at the appointment--people who get those, typically have less cavities. They recommend that a parent brush their kids teeth at least once a day (the kid can do it themselves the other time) until they're 10!! TEN!! I was feeling so bad because I brush the boys teeth now! I just felt like they weren't old enough to do it themselves yet, but have always worried that if people knew that, they'd probably think I was being a helicopter parent, so it was good to know that I was doing the right thing. People have always said that Carter will definitely need braces because of his gap in his teeth, which I've never worried about because I read in a parenting book that how the teeth look now is no indication of whether they're need braces later. Turns out, that's right. The dentist said he had perfect spacing and that gives the teeth room when the bigger teeth come in later. He said that kids with perfect smiles and touching teeth (like Evan) are more likely to need braces because of overcrowding later. I thought that was interesting. Greg and I both had braces, so who knows if one or both of the boys will need them, but I thought that was interesting.

I just wanted to write all that down for my memory of his first trip to the dentist. They recommended Evan getting in for a cleaning, the sooner they start the better. Since we're moving, I'm going to wait until we move to schedule his, but I thought the first appointment went really well. After he was done, I dropped Carter off at Konnor's house with Evan, so I could go to the dentist. Konnor was napping when I dropped Carter off and Greg was supposed to go by and pick up the boys about 30 minutes after I dropped him off (when he got off work) Konnor's mom texted me after I left saying that Konnor would be so sad if he woke up and the boys were gone and asked if I could leave them there for awhile and maybe go out with Greg to dinner. She said she'd feed the boys dinner and we could pick them up 6-6:30. Obviously, I agreed to do that, you know, for Konnor. ;) Greg was on his way to go get the boys when I called him and told him. We met at the house and drove over to the mall to look for new pillows. Haha, we're so exciting. Then we went to an early dinner at a Chinese buffet. Not very romantic, but Greg was in the mood for Chinese, and that's not somewhere we can't go with the boys because they use peanuts in a lot of the food. It was so nice to go out, just the two of us, especially since the boys and I are going to Georgia a week and a half before Greg does.

This is what the weather looked like when we all got home, just so ominous.

Greg had today off since it's his 3 day weekend. I can't believe we only have a week left before we move. We may have had a couple of rough days this week, but overall, it's been a good week. I'm so excited for this weekend, it's our last weekend here, so we're going to try and make the most out of it. It's supposed to be nice for most of the weekend, so we'll definitely be spending some time outside.

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