Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chiles Peach Orchard

This morning, me and two other moms from the neighborhood loaded up our kids and headed out to Chiles Peach Orchard. Greg and I went last year (you can read abou that here) and I really enjoyed it. I'm a fan of Chiles Peach Orchard on Facebook and they kept posting that strawberry picking season was going to be over in a few days, hurry in if you want to pick your own. I've been wanting to go all month, so I'm glad that we finally went down there. It's only a 30-35 minute drive.

Here's when we first arrived and we all started to head out to pick some strawberries.

The boy seemed to know immediately what to do. They saw me grab a couple and they started to do the same.

 I think we were in the field for about 5 seconds before they realized you could eat the strawberries. Then, it was all over. They were eating them faster than I could pick them. They LOVED them. They would just pick them right off the plant and eat them.
 Carter helping me pick "strawberries". After he realized they were so yummy, he would put leaves and stuff in my box and he'd eat the strawberries.

Evan picking strawberries.

 It's so beautiful out at the orchard.

Evan looks so big to me in this picture. So sad. They definitely aren't babies anymore.

Maybe today wasn't the day to wear their new outfits from Mamaw. :( But, luckily I just bought some oxyclean spray to remove stains from clothes.

After picking strawberries. We decided to load up and go get some peaches since they were out also.

Evan immediately picked one up off the ground and started munching. I quickly replaced it with one I just picked off the tree. He loved it!

Evan was so sweet and got one for Carter to eat also. They stuck together while we were out today. If one ate something, they made sure the other had some. If one ran off, the other followed and they laughed as I chased them. I love how close they are.

The boys had such a blast. It was so hot and humid, but they didn't seem to mind. They loved eating all the strawberries and peaches and getting to run around. Evan ate his peach all the way down to the pit and I knew he'd try and eat that too if I didn't take it. He cried when I threw the pit away. :(

 Exploring the peach orchard.

The boys were exhausted when we left. They both fell asleep immediately when we drove off.

And just for fun. Here's the boys last year when we went strawberry picking. I cannot believe how much they've changed in a year. It makes me kinda sad how fast they're growing up.

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