Monday, May 14, 2012

Gypsy Hill Park

This weekend, we decided to visit Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton, VA. It's about an hour away and it was our first time going to Staunton. Of course, I get a new lens for my camera for Mother's Day and forget my camera at home. :( So, I only have the pictures that I was able to take on my phone. But, downton Staunton was beautiful. The park was also beautiful. There was tons of tress that provided shade, lots of people running, walking and biking. The park was huge and spread out. There was a duck pond where the kids can feed the ducks, lots of playgrounds for all different ages, baseball fields, a train for kids to ride, a huge picnic and grilling area. We didn't even know about most of the stuff until we were leaving and we had to drive past it to get out of the park. I definitely want to take the boys back there. We decided to go last minute and didn't know what to expect. Now we know and it'd be a great day trip to pack a picnic lunch and go for the day. I wish we had something like this closer, though. I'm sure we have some nice parks and places in our town or nearby that I don't even know about. I really need to do some more exploring in our area. I usually look stuff up on the internet, but I'm sure there's fun places that don't have websites right here in Charlottesville. I took a ton of pictures while we were there.

The boys LOVED feeding the ducks. There was feed there and it only cost a nickle for a handful!

The boys loved the playground.

There were fun things that the parks we normally go to don't have, like tunnels.

We tried explaining to the boys that this "slide" was for climbing, but we're always so strict about not going up the slide the wrong way that they insisted on sliding down this. I guess that's a good thing.

The boys loved this big, spiral slide, especially Evan. He went down it so many times. He wasn't scared at all the first time. It was the biggest slide either of them have been down on their own.

 Of course the boys spent some time on the swings.

After we got home, Greg mowed the grass. The boys love being able to watch him from the window in Evan's new room.

We had a nice Saturday. I'm so glad that the weather was sunny and warm. It's calling for a lot of rain the next two days, so I'm glad we took advantage of the nice weather while we had a chance. I had a nice Mother's day today, we ran errands and both of us took a nice long nap while the boys napped today. Being productive and getting a chance to take a long nap is my idea of the perfect day. ;) I hope everybody else had a good weekend.

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