Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Playdates and Rainy Days

This week, it's been rainy and nasty outside, so we've just been taking it easy. Monday, we had our weekly multiples playdate. The boys always have so much fun and it's so nice to talk to the other moms. 

The boys loved this play drum
 Every play group we go to, the boys always spend some time in the play kitchen. Always.
 It was so cute to hear the kids creating music.

After the boys nap, we went to the gym. Tuesday, we ran to Target in the morning and after the boys nap me and the boys went to the gym.

It's been a really low key week so far, just playing with the boys, reading lots of books, playing with trains, and stuffed animals. It's been kinda nice. Greg has been watching "Rome" on dvd at night and I'm not interested at all in watching it, so I've had a little extra time to play around on the internet. I've found a few new blogs, searched Pinterest for some recipe ideas, been reading my book, etc.

I decided to try this lemon-mint water that I saw one a blog last night. I've been wanting to cut out soda (It's on my 30 Before 30) And I was waiting until I ran out of diet Dr. Pepper and I'm almost out, so I need some new things to drink and this is so refreshing! It called for 2 lemons, but the boys came over while I was cutting the lemon and wanted some. I gave them each a bite thinking they'd hate it and they LOVED it, they kept begging for more. They ended up splitting an entire lemon. Doesn't this water look delicious? Please ignore the plastic pitcher, I really want a cute glass pitcher, but I haven't found one that I like.

And here's my chickpea and tomato salad with fresh basil that I had for lunch today. (I'll post the recipe tomorrow) I just couldn't resist taking a quick picture with my phone. It's so good!! For some reason, we had 4 cans of chick peas in our pantry, so I looked for a recipe on Pinterest and found this, it's so easy to make and it's healthy. Yes, that's a paper bowl, I also ate it with a plastic spoon, don't judge me. ;)

I'll post the yummy recipes I tried this week tomorrow. My parents are coming up from Georgia tomorrow to spend Memorial day weekend with us. I can't wait to see them and I've been telling the boys all week that "Mamaw & Papaw" are coming up. It's calling for nice weather, too. Can't beat a 4 day weekend with family and nice weather. I know it's going to go by way too fast.

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