Thursday, May 17, 2012

No More Grocery Shopping and a Watertable Playdate

Yesterday, Greg got up with the boys while I slept in late. After I got up and fed the boys their snack, I realized how much food we were out of. I thought about making a quick trip to Target, but we were completely out of bananas. So, I decided to go to Kroger with the boys. Normally, we run their errands during their snack time and I put them in the stroller and they munch on their snack while I do some quick shopping. But, I decided that I'd put them in one of the fun carts with the car on the front and just try and go really fast. When we got there, I got the boys out of the car and started loading them into the cart and noticed that neither seatbelt worked, but it was too late to turn back since they were excited about getting in the "fun cart", so I placed the belts around their waists so they'd think they were strapped in. All was going well until we were almost done and the boys realized that they weren't actually strapped in. They started standing up and trying to get out, I sat them back down and went to get the last item on my list in the freezer sections. That's when both boys jumped out of the cart and ran in opposite directions. It was my worst nightmare! Evan actually stopped to push a cart that somebody had left to go get something, so they come back and he's pushing it down the aisle and while I go to get him, Carter is trying to push our cart but it's crashing into the freezer doors. It was so embarrasing. I finally get Carter into the front part of the cart, but find that both straps are broken there too! I turn around to grab Evan and when I get him to put him in the cart, Carter has decided to stand up in the seat and try and step out. So, I'm holding Evan, trying to keep Carter from jumping and wrestling with him to get him seated. I finally get them both seated and I'm basically holding their feet and pushing the cart and they're both screaming, crying and trying to get out. Basically, I was that mom I used to judge before I had kids, thinking "My kids will never act like that!" When I get to the checkout line, the sweet cashier recognizes us because it's where we do all our grocery shopping (except the boys are normally not little terrors like that) and she immediately got out stickers for the boys which calmed them down enough so I could unload teh groceries, pay, and make it to the car. She was so nice and commented on how much they've grown and how she can't believe how fast it's gone by, it seems like just yesterday they were little, bitty babies. I love that we live in a small town and have our places that we go on a regular basis and people recognize us, even if the boys are throwing fits. I did decide yesterday that I will not be grocery shopping with the boys anymore. If I can't go during their snack time and get only what I can fit on the stroller, then I will be going after they go to bed at night or during their naps on weekends. I do try and find the good in situations like these, though, and I'm sure some of this is happening because I was so judgemental of other moms before I had kids. Right after I had the boys, I realized just how harsh and unfair I'd been in some of my judgements and have been making a point to always try and be open minded and supportive of all moms, even if they do things differently than me. This was just a reminder of how important that is. Also, it made me really appreciate how nice some people can be, that cashier did not have to talk to the boys and offer them stickers and it was so helpful that she did. I wanted to blog about this little trip in detail so I won't forget any of this. Especially if I think it's a good idea to go grocery shopping with the boys again by myself. ;)

Here's Evan eating lunch afterwards, looking at his sweet face it's hard to believe that just an hour before he was charging down the aisles at Kroger like a wild animal.

I wanted to post a couple of pics of his hair since we went and got it cut this morning. I'll post those pics tomorrow.

Another good thing from our Kroger adventure, I got these delicious crackers. I love all things buffalo, and these did not disappoint! They are so yummy!!!

After our little adventure to Kroger, we came home, ate lunch and the boys napped. The weather was so nice that after the boys woke up, we went outside and filled up their water table for them to play. My friend and her two girls came over to play with the boys. I think the kids had a lot of fun and I can't wait until the weather warms up a little more and we can get out the pool. I let the boys play with the hose and get completely soaked before we came in and they had a blast, but when we got in the house, they were freezing. I quickly dried them off and changed them and they snuggled on the couch under blankets and watched cartoons while I fixed dinner.

 The kids had such a good time playing in the water.

 We're so lucky to have friends that live in our neighborhood for these impromptu playdates.

The boys with their wild, sunscreen hair, cuddling on the couch.

Look at those bruised legs. Evan is definitely the definition of "All boy"!

Carter loves his little stroller, he pushes around "melmo" (Elmo) every day. It's so sweet to see him giving Elmo "sips" from his sippy cup, hugging him, and pushing him around in the stroller.

You might not be able to tell, but his shirt was pushed up and his little stomach was poking out and I thought he looked so cute.

So, I may have gone a little Instagram crazy on these pics, but I finished up The Hunger Games trilogy and wasn't going to start another book for a few days so I spent some time on Instagram yesterday. Well, after playing some Words with Friends, playing on Instagram, going on Facebook and Pinterest and catching up on all my blogs, I still wasn't tired, so I broke down and started my next book. "Fifty Shades of Grey". I only read one chapter before going to bed, so I'm not sure what I think about it yet. But, it's 200 pages longer than any of the Hunger Games books, so it better be really good to be that long.

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