Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playdates and Happy Meals

Monday, the boys and I hosted the Moms of Multiples playgroup at our house. It was rainy and nasty and the perfect day for an indoor playdate. I didn't get any pictures of the actual playdate, but here's some of my house afterwards. I definitely think that you can judge how a playdate went by how your house looks afterwards.

The messier the house, the more fun the kids had playing with everything.

After Greg got off work, we went to Home Depot to look at a few things. I've decided I want drawers in our vanity in the master bath. So, we looked at our options and some curtain rods for Evan's room. He has two corner windows, so we're looking for something specific to go there. The boys love the car cart there and do ok as long as we don't take too long looking.

Carter decided to kick back and relax. Must be nice.

Tuesday morning, we went to an All Club meeting/playdate thing at a local church. They have free Panera goodies to eat and tons of toys to play with. The boys always have a great time. Here they are enjoying their blueberry bread.


The boys played so good. It's nice going to new places with new toys for them to play with.

After their nap, I took the boys to the gym with me. By the time I worked out and showered, it was dinnertime, so we took advantage of McDonald's Tuesday deal of getting a happy meal for $1.99. The little fries are so cute!! Greg and I had lasagna after the boys went to bed, but it was nice to do something quick and easy for the boys.

The boys love the happy meals, they like the chicken nuggets, fries and the apple slices it comes with. I usually try and feed them somewhat healthy, but sometimes you gotta go with fast and easy.

Greg is working late Tuesday-Thursday this week, he's off Friday and then works late next Monday and Tuesday. I hate days where he works late. I love having our afternoons as a family to run errands, go to the gym together, go to the parks, etc. But, one good thing about him going in late and getting off late is that he's the one that gets up with the boys in the morning so he can spend a little time with them since they go to bed almost as soon as he gets home. I got to sleep in until 8:30 yesterday and today and it was so nice!! I stayed up last night and finally finished The Hunger Games trilogy. I do love staying up late and sleeping late, something I've missed since having the boys. Might as well take advantage of this schedule for the few days he has to work it. ;)

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  1. Hey Samantha! Too funny about KSU. When did you graduate? what a small world, huh?

    oh and ps. playdates only get messier the older your boys :)