Friday, May 18, 2012

Hair Cuts and Yoder's

This morning I ran to Target with the boys. But, this time I came prepared, we left during snack time and I was able to keep them entertained with snacks. We just needed one thing at Target, which never happens by the way, so I decided to go to Snippit's and get Evan's hair cut. It's in the same shopping center as Target and I had a coupon that a friend gave me.

We got there 5 minutes after they opened, so we were the only ones in there. I was able to bring in the stroller and just left Carter in there to watch Evan get his hair cut. Carter needs one too, but I didn't want to push my luck. I figured I'd come back with Carter sometime this weekend.

Evan is SO good when he gets his hair cut. It doesn't make any sense, he's always so wild and constantly on the go, but he's good every single time we get his hair cut. He sits so still. He looks like such a big boy getting his hair cut.

 Look how much hair is on his cape! I had her take off a lot. It grows so fast and if we just get it cut perfect, it'll be too long in a couple of weeks. I'd rather go shorter and go longer between haircuts (they get pretty expensive) Plus, it's summertime and I'm putting sunscreen on them and the shorter the hair the easier it is to manage.

After the boys naps, we went to Yoder's. We hadn't been there since Brandi came to visit, so I was excited to get back there. The boys knew exactly where we were when we pulled into the parking lot.

They seems so interested in the birds this time. They pretty much stayed together for most of the time we were there. They would walk together and look at each animal and then move on as a team. It was so cute.

Here's Evan looking at the turkeys. One of them came right up to the fence and clucked (or whatever sound they make) and Evan must have jumped two feet in the air! It was so funny. He turned and ran to me, saying "no, no" But, he didn't cry or anything, he just wanted to get away from the turkey.

The boys found an empty cup on the ground that they insisted on having filled with feed and used that to feed the goats. It actually worked out much better and kept their hands a little cleaner.

When Carter walked by the duck, he stopped and said duck and then went over and pointed to the duck food and was saying something to the duck. I swear he was showing the duck where his food was since Carter didn't have any more to feed him.

The boys love this slide.

The last time we came, I really had to watch them on the ladder because they would lose their footing, but not this time. I usually hold their hand going down the slide since it goes so fast, but neither one would let me. Evan landed on his butt several times, but he just got back up and did it again.

You can see how dirty Evan's shorts are from landing on his butt after going down the slide.

yeah, evan's hair is really short. But, I like it and it grows so fast!

This weekend is a 3 day weekend for Greg. We have a few things planned. He'll be watching the boys while I make a trip with a friend to IKEA. That's definitely the highlight of the weekend, but we're hoping to get a few more things done as well as some fun, outdoor play with the boys. I'm going to try and get out my new camera lense and practice a little bit. I want to be able to take some pretty good pictures when we go to the beach in July, so I need to get started practicing asap.

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