Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Snuggle Time and a Playdate

Yesterday was cold and rainy. We're defintely missing the warm, sunny, spring weather around here. The boys just wanted to snuggle up with blankets yesterday, and I don't blame them. It was just what I felt like doing. They started out on their little couch and watched some tv.

 Then, they moved up to the big couch.

We got ready and went to our moms of multiples playdate. The host has 4 girls, including 2.5 year old indentical twin girls. It was so fun to see all the fun, girly toys they had. They had plenty of toys that both boys and girls could play with too. Here's a see-saw, wooden boat that fit 4 kids. All the kids really enjoyed it.

They boys playing.

All the kids were itching to go outside and since the rain had stopped, we all went out to get some fresh air. The boys loved the cozy coupes. I've been looking for them on Craigslist but haven't had any luck yet.

They had this neat, helicopter, see saw thing outside. The boys loved it!

After we got home and they napped, we got them up and they wanted to come in our bedroom and snuggle some more on our bed.

We decided to spend yesterday afternoon running errands. It's so much easier to run errands when there's two people. We don't have a whole lot planned for the next couple of days, but the weather is warming up, so hopefully, we can spend some time outsdie.

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