Friday, May 4, 2012

Random Pictures & Updates

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty low key around here, hanging out, playing, going to the gym, running errands--the usual. Thursday afternoon my mom and sister, Caroline got in from Georgia. They're spending the week with us and I'm so excited. It's been since the end of January since I've seen my mom and Christmas since I've seen Caroline. My dad had to work and wasn't able to make it up this trip, but hopefully, he'll be coming up soon for a visit. Greg mowed the grass Thursday afternoon after getting off work and then immediately after putting the boys down, I went to the last MOPs meeting of the season (the season goes from August-May). This morning, Greg worked in the yard, mulching, trimming bushes, etc. We ran some errands during the boys nap and then he took it easy while me, my mom, and Caroline played with the boys. I'm really looking forward to their week here and I hope I'm better about taking pictures and blogging during their stay than I have been in the past. I decided to post the pictures I've taken the past couple of days so I don't get behind.

The boys hanging out on their couch.

They look so big to me here. They love sitting at the table like big boys.

This is Evan's latest face. He makes it at everything--good or bad. It's so funny. It cracks me up everytime.

I got this toy storage bench from Target on clearance! I'm planning on painting the boys rooms and getting started on switching them while my mom and Caroline are here, and this will go perfectly in Evan's new room.

The boys love their stuffed animals from Aunt B. They have become so much more affectionate with stuffed animals lately. It's really sweet to see them hugging them.

I made strawberry shortcake kebobs for MOPs on Thursday. I saw these on Pinterest and have been wanting to try them for awhile. They were really easy and I thought they tasted good.

Evan loves to shove every ball he can find under his shirt and then walk around like it's completely normal.

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