Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rest of the Week

So, my plan for doing better about updating my blog while my mom and sister were in town did not go well. I was just too busy. I love spending time with my family when they're in since they live so far away, and I have to take advantage of having the extra help and get things done around the house that are normally hard or impossible to do by my self with two, crazy boys to take care of. The boys LOVED having my mom and sister around. They were both saying "Mamaw" from the first day my mom got here. We also taught the boys to say "auntie", which was so cute. We didn't get out much while they were here because the weather was rainy for most of their trip, but I did get so much accomplished. I was able to make 3 meals and freeze them, organize my coupons, switch Evan's room with the computer room and completely paint his room--which was a huge task. Evan's room is almost done, it's painted and most of his stuff is in there. I'm going to IKEA next weekend to get a few more things and also ordering a couple of decorative items online. I can't wait to finish it up so I can take pictures and post them on here. I picked out a color for Carter's room and I plan to paint that in the next couple of weeks. I'm also working on painting a bookshelf to go in his room. I've already bought a few things for this room and as soon as I get the painting done, I can start moving the room around and putting the things up on the wall. Anyways, here's a few pictures from my phone from last week.

Here's Evan playing in the basement with one of the desks we got at the yard sale last weekend. I was wanting to get a table with 4 chairs for them to have in the basement, but I was able to get two desks for just a couple dollars each! That was just too good of a deal to pass up.

The boys loved playing on the blow up mattress that my sister slept on. Their favorite thing now is jumping. They jump on the couch, beds, etc. I let them jump on my bed the other day. They kept falling down on the bed and laughing so hard. It's so cute.

Another favorite activity of the boys is to dump out anything that's holding toys. Buckets, baskets, etc. They like to dump them all over the floor.

We got Carter a play stroller at the yard sale for 50 cents. There was another one there, but Evan never shows any interest in them at playgroups, so I didn't get one for him. I should have known better and of course, they started fighting over it. Luckily, my mom brought up these two umbrella strollers that she keeps at her house, so we'll have them when Greg's family comes out this summer. The boys used those all week to push around their stuffed animals. Then they learned that they make great seats while watching cartoons!

Starbucks had happy hour this last week. From 3-5pm, all their frapps were half off! I've been doing really good about not buying coffees since I got my Keurig, but I had to take advantage of that great deal!

The boys love having sunglasses on in the car now.

Where's Evan? The boys love getting out every blanket we own and playing on the couch.

Aren't these desks cute? I can't remember exactly, but I think one was 2.50 and the other was 3.50, but I'm not sure. I can't wait until the boys are a little older and can color and do some fun art projects.

I had a great time with my mom and sister. I wish we lived closer and could see them more often. It always makes me so sad when they leave. :(

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