Friday, May 16, 2014

May Happenings

I am a little behind on blogging. I haven't blogged any of May yet! The boys decided 2-3 weeks ago that they didn't want to nap anymore. For a couple weeks before that it was hit or miss on whether they both would nap or not. It complicates bedtime to have one of them nap and one of them skip it because they need to go to bed earlier if they don't nap and we try and keep them on the same schedule as far as bedtime. So, we were skipping nap every other day for awhile and then it just progressed into not napping. I feel like they still need naps some days and Evan has napped twice and Carter once since they stopped naps. When they skip naps, it makes bedtime early--7pm and I think that's really early for the summer. So, I'm hoping now that they're out of school and summer is here, they'll start napping more because of being outside, swimming, etc. and we'll be able to keep them up a little later. We'll see how it all plays out, but all that to say that my free time during the day is nonexistent and that was when I usually blogged.

So, here's a photodump type blog post for the beginning of May.

We've had a couple playdates at Mamaw and Papaw's. Evan likes to bring his puzzles there too so that he can do a couple while we're there. That boy and his puzzles.

I made these sand "boxes" last June when we moved here because it was raining a lot and they could play with them on my parents covered porch or in the garage. They still love them and we'll get them out while we're there if it's rainy or they just ask to play with them.

The boys and I met Greg for pizza one night and he got stuck in traffic so it was just me and these two for a long time. I have never been to a sit down restaurant with the two of them by myself and it went surprisingly well.

This one wanted to sit right next to me and had to be touching me the whole time. I know there will be a day when I miss this stage. :(

A friend I went to middle school with in Arizona was in town for a wedding and sent me a message on Facebook to see if I was available to meet up while she was in town. We met at a park with our kids for a play date. I haven't seen her since 8th grade and it was so much fun catching up. It's crazy that we're now grown with kids and meeting for a play date. She's actually not the first friend from middle school that I've got in touch with on Facebook and was able to meet in Augusta for a play date!

The kids got along great and were so cute together, but the park had no shade and it was HOT!!

So, we drove to a near by McDonald's and got the kids ice cream and were able to catch up as much as two moms with 5 kids can do. Although, it's so much easier than it used to be. I remember not being able to talk at all on play dates because I was chasing around kids so much.

The kids spotted a big lizard outside and were very entertained--especially when it moved.

I made a recipe out of my new Paula Deen magazine and it was delicious. Asian Chicken and Rice salad, greg and I both really liked it. I'll post the recipe in a separate post so it'll be easier for me to find later, but it was really easy and so good. It was actually pretty healthy and you could make it even healthier by putting less rice than it called for.

Caroline joined me and the boys for lunch on Cinco De Mayo, she stopped by around lunch time and we made a last minute decision to celebrate. Luckily, the boys were excited (because it was with Aunt Caroline) and they were good. Look how they both had to sit next to her. (I didn't mind one bit having a whole side to myself)

I finally got out the pools for the boys. These two are spoiled rotten. My parents had bought a pool for their house but it just ended up being too big for where we'd use it and they got a smaller one, so they gave us the big one for our house. We still have the one we bought in Virginia so I get them both out. The boys love it and can play out there for a long time.

We could have all the pools in the world but it wouldn't compare to me spraying them with the hose. That is their favorite activity. There was a short time where Carter didn't really like it, but they both love it now and could do it all day.

Another reason that I haven't been blogging is because most of my time online has been spent selling stuff. We have a lot of things that the boys don't need or use anymore, most of it was things like high chairs, baby gates, pack-n-plays, umbrella stroller, double stroller,etc. I have sold some toys that they've outgrown or just don't play with much. When we were outside, we decided to see if I could sell their water table. The detachable mountain part falls apart so easily and the boys don't have much to "do" with the water table, so we decided to post this for almost what I paid for it and if it sold, we'd get them a nicer one with more bells and whistles and I listed it and had it delivered and paid for in less than an hour. Of course, Carter comes in an looks at it lovingly and wants me to take a picture of him with it.
I think I posted 3 links to old posts in this blog post today. If a word is blue and underlined, (mom, I'm talking to you) that means it's linked back to the original post I'm talking about.

It's been a busy month, but I'm hoping to get caught up on blogging in the next couple of days. I love summer and I'm so excited about spending it with the boys. I'm hoping we can stay busy with fun summery stuff and I have lots of things planned for us to do, so I gotta get caught up so I can start posting about our summer fun. ;)

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