Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day and Summer Playcation

Sunday, we went over to my parents for a bbq. They went to Tennessee last weekend and got a porch swing and the boys were thrilled! They loved it. They were playing with their army men and put them down to jump up in the swing (that's what's under the swing on the deck)
We got there around 11-12 and played and hung out and then had an early dinner around 4-5. The boys had a blast. My sister came over too and it was just a nice day. I love Memorial Day weekend and the fact that we always spend it together as a family, you can see my old post here (2013, 2013, 2012, 2011 (this was spent with Greg's family and has pictures of the boys first time in a pool),

My parents have the perfect size pool for the deck, just big enough for the boys to play and cool off in. It's small enough to fit on the deck, where it's shaded and we can all just sit comfortably while thee boys play. Plus, it's in the shade, so I don't have to put sunscreen on the boys.

Evan asked my dad to see his garden, so my dad took both the boys down to their garden and showed them all the things they had planted. There were a couple banana peppers and a cucumber ready to be picked. The boys LOVE going in the garden and picking stuff. They both will try anything from a garden, but I'm pretty sure Evan has loved every single thing he's ever tried that he's been able to pick himself (he eats radishes, green onions, tomatoes, etc). They both ate several bites of the banana pepper and all of the cucumber. My dad asked Carter for a bite to try and he wouldn't even share one tiny bite of cucumber--he wanted it all to himself. But, luckily Evan was nice enough to give my dad a slice.
It makes me so happy how much the boys like fresh fruits and veggies. Sometimes, it's hard to get them to try certain veggies at home, so I'm glad they're willing to try anything from a garden and that they usually like it. Plus, my parents have the best garden-it's huge, so I love that they get the opportunity to try this stuff fresh.

Evan found that Burger King hat in the playroom a couple of days ago, we hardly ever go to Burger King, it's actually from a couple of months ago when we stopped to use the bathroom on the way home from Atlanta and they had those out in the restaurant and I grabbed a couple for the boys.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I found some fun iron ons at Hobby Lobby that I picked up for the boys. I also ordered an personalized anchor iron on from Etsy for Evan. I got one for Carter from a Facebook page that's called "Carter's Mommies" and its just for selling used personalized Carter clothes. I got a great, like new anchor shirt with Carter's name on it for super cheap and Evan's been wanting one, so I was able to get one for him too. So, while I was at my parents, I finally did the shirts and I think they turned out cute. The boys like shirts with their names on it and the iron ons at Hobby Lobby (and the shirts) were very inexpensive. I hope they hold through washing. One of the reasons I got them was for them to wear them on their first day of their summer program at preschool, although they look nothing alike, people get them confused. Their soccer coach had the hardest time keeping them straight and called poor Evan "Carter" throughout an entire game. Somebody also asked me the other day how I tell them apart, haha, so I thought it might be easier for their teacher the first week if they wore shirts with their names on it.

On Monday we had a pretty low key day. My mom text me that morning and asked if Greg and I wanted to go out to lunch. Her and my dad were coming in to town anyways and came over to watch the boys while Greg and I went out. It was a nice, spur of the moment treat. We went to a sushi place that I've been wanting Greg to try. It's much cheaper during the week and at lunch and it's also somewhere we don't feel comfortable taking the boys because they have several peanut rolls.

I wanted to get a picture of the boys in their patriotic wear on Memorial day, but that's easier said than done. I swear, every picture would have one of them smiling and the other blurry and then it'd be the other one smiling, or neither looking at the camera, or they say cheese and then run off before I even have a chance to snap the picture.
They are so cute when they put their arms around each other and smile, but it's hard to capture. When I was taking this, they kept hugging and then falling to the ground giggling. They were having the best time and it was so cute, but didn't make getting a picture very easy.

That evening, we grilled out for dinner. We had one of my favorite meals, Italian chicken and Paula Deen's Grilled Vegetable and Pasta Salad. Italian chicken is just chicken marinated overnight in Italian salad dressing. I don't know why it's so good, but it always turns out so moist and delicious (unless you are trying to water your vegetable garden, watch the boys, and grill, then a couple pieces may get a little crispy-oops!) also with the pasta salad, I used a smaller box than it called for and doubled and tripled the amount of veggies to try and make it a little healthier.

Tuesday, the boys started their Summer Playcation at First Baptist of Augusta. It's also where they'll be going to school in the fall. It's every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-1:30 until the middle of July. They take a week off in June for Vacation Bible School (which the boys are going to attend) It's not preschool, it's just a day of fun for the kids, they play, do crafts, water play, songs, etc. I was on the fence about sending them two days a week, I felt kinda guilty sending them at all because they go to preschool during the school year, but I thought it'd be a great way to transition into their new school. I also thought it'd help keep the boys on somewhat of a schedule this year and we still have 3 days a week to do fun summer things and it ends mid-July, so they'll still get 3-4 weeks off before school. The boys have been so excited to go, they went with me to sign up and saw the preschool and park area and have been asking about it ever since.

Here they are in their shirts. I think they're so cute, they may be cheesy, but I don't care, I love them.

When we came home from our lunch date on Monday, my mom said "You didn't tell me Carter could write his name" I thought she was joking, but he had actually wrote his name for her. He started and forgot the "t" and she told him there's a "t" and he erased it and wrote it the correct way. I had no idea. I've been trying to work on letters with them, but not let them know I'm "working" with them, I've been trying to make it fun like using puzzles, chalk, workbooks (which they love) abc books from the library, etc. and I guess they've been soaking it all in. Well, today before school Evan did this. I'm so proud of them.

We got to their school a little early and I walked them to their classroom. There was another little girl waiting outside the classroom with her mom and we were able to talk some. I miss the drop off, their old school did car line and I actually like walking them in and talking to the other moms. (car line can be nice too and very convenient, but I just miss the social aspect of dropping them off) The other kids that showed up before I left seemed so sweet, the boys immediately started playing with some other kids and couldn't care less that I left.

There's two teachers and they're both so sweet. One has a grandson with a peanut allergy, so when I started to tell her about Carter's she asked about epi pens and whether he could have something manufactured in the same place as peanuts--it was music to my ears. I felt so at ease leaving him there because I knew she truly got it, I just felt so much more comfortable with him being there.

When I got out of the car, there was a boy getting into his car telling his mom about his new friends "carter and evan" so that just made me so happy to hear. As soon as I picked up the boys, they said they wanted to come back, they loved it and had so much fun. They said the teachers were nice and that all the kids were nice, so I'm thrilled that they enjoyed it so much. I'll probably refer to it as "school" in future posts because it's held at their preschool, there's teachers, etc and it's just easier than saying summer playcation (which is it's official name) but it's not academic (although kids learn so much just by playing and being around new people) it's just something fun for them to do. I love the time too because it gives me some time to clean house, run errands and just get things done around the house. But, I have to pass a shopping plaza that has Hobby Lobby, Target, Micheal's, Kirklands, Ulta, Pier One, etc. to get to their school, so that's going to be tempting every time I drop them off. I'll have to leave my wallet at home to avoid the temptation to just stop and shop on the way home every morning. ;)

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