Friday, May 31, 2013

Ridin' on the Tractor

I had to do an entire post on riding on the tractor. I took so many pictures and the boys just had so much fun! The boys love all things that go--tractors, trucks, buses, planes, boats, etc. But, they've always really loved tractors. The boys got to ride the tractor for the first time when we went to see my parents for Thanksgiving when the boys were 15 months old. I love that the boys get to do this, I remember riding a tractor with my Papaw and I'm just so tickled that the boys get to experience the same thing with their Papaw.

They were so excited to ride on the tractors with Papaw. Carter went first.

You can see Carter helping steer. :)

Then, Evan got to ride with Papaw.

Look at Evan's face, it's blurry when I zoom in, but you can see how happy he is. (and Papaw too)
Of course, when Carter wasn't riding the tractor, he wanted Meemaw to hold him. :)

I took the tractor for a spin too. First, with Carter.

Then, with Evan.

I love that he looked at the camera for me. I don't have many pictures with the boys. I need to be better about getting in more of the pictures. I wasn't going to take one because my hair was up and I didn't have on make up, etc. but I'm glad I did, I love having this picture (and all of them) to look back on.

Even my city boy husband took the tractor for a spin. This was his first time on a tractor, ya'll!! There's hope for him yet. :)

I got so many pictures of him driving it, just like I did when Evan and Carter got their first ride on the tractor.
Everybody watching Greg.
He thinks he's funny. ;)

Carter was being a little ham and I was able to get this picture of him. I love when the boys are still and look and smile at the camera. I love the candid pictures and action shots too, but I don't have a lot of pictures of them posing, so it's so nice when I get them.

And just for fun and because I'm obsessed with comparison pics, here's Evan's first time on the tractor in November 2011.

Here's Carter's first time. How tiny and cute are they!

This is them playing on them last year when we went. They love to go out and sit on them (my dad has two) and pretend they're driving. This was November 2012.

Evan saying "cheese" for me in November 2012. Such a goober--I love it!

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