Saturday, May 11, 2013

Garbage Trucks and Water Play

Wednesday afternoon, after the boys' nap, we met some friends at Taco Bell for dinner and playing. The boys always get so much energy out there and it's the perfect place to go when it's raining (like it has been all week) Greg is working late these next two weeks, so we've been a different routine than we are when he gets off at 3:00.

Thursday afternoon, after I picked the boys up from school, I went and got them some chicken nuggets and fries for lunch. They never request nuggets for lunch, so when Evan asked for them as soon as I picked him up, I didn't mind getting them for him. When we pulled into our neighborhood, the trash was getting picked up. The boys were so excited (especially Carter) that they waited at the end of the driveway to see the garbage truck when he turned onto our street.

They can see him at the very end and they were so excited.

The guys that pick up the trash are so sweet, they always honk if they see kids watching them and then they wave. Carter stood there until they were done and out of sight. It really made his day to watch that. Now, every day he asks where the garbage truck is.

Yesterday morning was the nicest day we've had in awhile. It was sunny and warm. I took the boys out to ride their bikes. This is the first time they've rode them since November and then we just basically pushed them. Carter got the pedaling concept immediately.

While I was trying to help Evan, Carter took off! He was a little speed demon and just flew down the street. I had to go running after him and get him to turn around.

Poor Evan just did not get the pedaling concept. He had the hardest time. I tried to show him how to steer and he just wasn't getting it. I think he'll get it after a few times of getting the bikes out.

After I let them ride their bikes, I took them around the block in the wagon. They loved pointing out all the neat things they saw, like lawn mowers and "tractors" (a house is being built on our block and they have construction vehicles there)
My friend and I had plans to take our boys to the water park. We decided first thing that morning and already told the boys about it and everything. She got there before me and when she pulled in the parking lot, realized it was closed! Womp, womp. We checked, and all the pools, splash parks, and water park didn't open until Saturday. We were so disappointed! So, we decided to have a water play date at our house in the back yard. When we got out there, I realized that "somebody" (ahem, Greg) left the lid off the sand box and it was filled to the brim with rain water. So, the water play was a little messier than usual, but the boys still had a blast.

Here's Carter blowing raspberries on his friend's baby brother. He is so sweet with babies and it just melts my heart. Evan is so funny around babies, he always just seems so annoyed with them, like an older brother would be with a younger sibling.

The mud pit that the boys played in.

They had the water table full of nice, clean water, and they decided to transfer sand (mud) from the sand box to the water table. They also packed mud on the slides and then slid down them and laughed at their muddy butts. Haha, such boys!

After they were done playing, we finished up by spraying them in the yard. Their friend didn't love getting sprayed, he'd rather play in the water table, but the boys could do this ALL day. They LOVE it. They run towards the hose, get sprayed, squeal and run away, and then come back for more.

I love seeing their faces when they're playing, they were having so much fun. And, while my friend was spraying them, I got to cuddle with the baby.

All the water play wore the boys out. After everybody left, we watched Snow White for the first time. Carter insisted on sitting in Evan's lap. They really seemed to like the movie. They definitely got into it when the witch was trying to get Snow White to eat the apple, they were yelling at the screen "No! apple is yuck, apple is bad, don't eat it!!" And afterwards, they were marching around the house saying 'Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go"

We have some fun things planned for the next week, we have a birthday party this evening and some fun things for next week if the weather cooperates. We're hoping to take the boys to the water park, strawberry picking, and the zoo. I have lots of fun ideas planned for the boys this summer and I'm so excited. I'm know I love doing these things as much or more than the boys do.

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