Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Sickies

Thursday morning, Evan woke up with no fever and was acting pretty much like his old self. So, I sent him and Carter to school, but let the teachers know that he might not be feeling well and call me if I need to come pick him up. They ended up having to call me at 11:00 to pick him up. We made it an entire year without them missing a day of school or having to leave early, and now that we're within a few weeks of school ending, they get sick and have to go home early. :( Carter was still fine at this point, but Evan was just fussy and not feeling well.

A lot of spoiling goes on when the boys are sick. Not just because we feel bad for our little guys when they don't feel good, but also because sick toddlers are fussy toddlers and sometimes we have to be a little more lenient with tv time, treats, etc. to keep everybody happy.

We took the boys to McDonald's for ice cream and this made them so happy. They weren't eating or drinking much, so we were happy that they ate something, even if it was a soft serve ice cream cone.

As you can see--this makes them very happy. Also, you can tell, Carter is feeling fine still.

The next day Carter woke up with a fever and not feeling good. Look at those pink cheeks and he just wanted Daddy the entire weekend. I didn't mind one bit. :)

Greg and Carter went to Which Wich to get dinner Friday night, me and Evan stayed home and played in the backyard. I let him go out there barefoot and he thought that was the best thing ever. I usually just put shoes on them out of habit, but now I'll have to start just letting them play outside barefoor more often. He thought the sand on his feet was so great.

We had a lot of birds in our yard and Evan was so excited. He kept saying "come here birds" and then he said "You're a bird and I'm Evan and I'm going to get you" haha. One of them flew into the trees in the yard and he said "I know you're hiding"

This is him "roaring" at them. That is actually what he calls it, he'll say "mommy, roar me" when he wants me to chase him though the house while roaring.

While Evan was playing, I figured out why we had so many birds in the yard, they had built a nest under our deck. I had Greg gently move it to the trees after he got home.

The next day was rainy and chilly. The boys were tired of being cooped up in the house, so we let them play in the backyard for a little bit just to get some fresh air.

Pajamas, moose hat (or as Carter calls it-his cow hat) fleeces, and shoes. They were a mess. You can see the bandaid on Carter's knee. He got a plain bandaid at school and when they got home, Evan wanted a bandaid. The only bandaids we have are Cars ones. So, I give it to Evan and then Carter needs his changed to a Cars bandaid. The novelty wore off fast for Evan and when it came off, he didn't think anything else about it. I'm still having to put one on Carter's knee--a week later! He's obsessed. He woke up at midnight the other night and said "oh no, my cars Band-Aid". It had come off in his sleep and he wasn't going back to sleep until I gave him another one. Oh my.

Saturday evening, we were all sick of the house and the weather had cleared up a little, so we went to a park that nobody is ever at and had dinner.

The boys were so excited that Daddy was pushing them so "fast" on the swings.

The boys had a good time. They didn't get too worked up and it was a great place to get out of the house and not get anybody sick.

This is how most of our weekend went--lounging in pjs and watching tv. We watched more tv in the past week than we have all year.

We had some errands to do on Sunday, we need groceries and some things from Target. We figured we could all go and one of us would stay in the car with the boys and one of us would run in and get the things we needed really fast. We put on a movie in the car for the boys and didn't even bother changing them out of their pjs. Carter insisted on wearing his "cow" hat. I'm checking out at Target and Greg calls me and tells me they're in the store. the boys were not wanting to wait and so he brought them in. Looking like this.

Look at that happy skip!

Monday, was the tail end of it for us. I was feeling so run down from getting up with Carter 3 nights in a row because his fever spiked between 9:30-12:30 every single night like clockwork. So, I was up that whole time with him. Plus, he'd wake up a couple more times after that. The boys were still fussy and I don't know if it was a mixture of still not feeling 100%, being cooped up, the nasty rainy weather, etc. We did a little coloring, but their attention span was just not very long that day.

Watched some more tv.

I got them some bug catching kits and plastic critters from the Dollar Tree. They loved picking the lizards up with their bug tweezers and putting them in their little cage. Evan insisted his cage was a camera and has used it like that since he got it. Carter somehow got the string off his and uses it to pretend he's fishing. It's like several toys for the price of one. :) I'm so thankful for the Dollar Tree on sick days or rainy days when we need some new things to entertain us.
We are all finally feeling much better. It's been raining a lot the past several days and I think it's supposed to rain every day until Monday, but it's much easier to deal with rainy days when the boys are not sick.

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