Monday, May 20, 2013

Babies and the Big Room

We had a pretty relaxing weekend. We went to the zoo on Friday. Saturday we went to the gym and ran some errands. We were supposed to have some friends over to bbq on Saturday evening, but it ended up raining all weekend, so we just ordered pizza and hung out inside. We had a lot of fun. I wish I would have had my phone on me and got more pictures. I did snap this one of Carter with the baby. I'm pretty sure everybody is tired of hearing this because I say it all the time, but he is so sweet with babies. He's so gentle and patient. He went over there to help him with the toys and told him what everything was and handed his toys to him. It was the cutest thing. I can't get him to share with Evan or his friends, but he's happy to hand over his toys to a baby.

He was so cute showing him what everything was. I used to call all babies "baby" to the boys because it was easy and it was so cute to hear them say "baby" and now I've got into the habit of it. I should refer to him as his name, but I like using the word "baby" with smaller kids because the boys immediately know that means to be careful and gentle.

Sunday morning, we went to the gym and then after the boys naps, we took them to the Big Room at Adventure Central. It was so nasty and rainy out, I was kinda disappointed because it would have been nice to go to a park or the pool. The boys seem to like this big building block section even better than the slides. One kid went over to Carter and tried to take the block he had and Carter got upset and started hollering. Evan immediately picked up another block and ran over there and tried to give it to the kid so he would stop trying to take Carter's block. I thought that was very sweet. I was so proud of Evan for doing that.
They have a basketball court inside Adventure Central. Carter just wanted to go in there and look at the basketball hoops, he was so excited to just be in there. Greg got them a couple of balls and started playing with them in there. Carter was just so excited and Evan had a good time too. They both really love any kind of ball-football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.
 I got a watermelon last week, thinking that we'd have a nice day out and could go out enjoy on the deck after swimming. ended up being just so rainy last week, so I finally cut it up for the boys and let them have for dinner last night. They were in heaven. They LOVE watermelon. Evan was just giggling. It's so funny how excited they get over fruit.
 The mom that hosted the playgroup today has had a stomach virus going around her house, so we decided to skip it. We're going to Georgia next weekend and I didn't want to risk anybody getting sick right before our trip. So, we just stayed home this morning and played. It was another rainy, gloomy day. I'm not complaining though, I'm  so thankful we haven't had to deal with tornadoes or anything like that.
 This is the last week of school for the boys. Wednesday, they have their little graduation program that they put on for the parents and Thursday, I'm volunteering. So, tomorrow is my last morning without the boys until fall. I'm not sure how I'll spend it, I should clean and be productive, but I might take the time and go get coffee and walk around some stores. :)


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