Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday Parties and Mother's Day

Saturday afternoon, we went to a birthday party with the boys. Their friends from our moms of multiples play group were turning 3. It was calling for rain on Saturday all week, but we got lucky and it held off until right after the party. They had rented a bounce house for the party and it was a huge hit with everybody!!
All the kids played so well together, the boys had so much fun.
Greg stuck with Evan and I stuck with Carter. I noticed Evan and Greg had been missing for awhile and I went to go find them. Turns out, Evan was eating these poor people out of house and home. Greg said he ate and ate and ate. Carrots and dip, fruit salad, chicken nuggets, etc. He was just shoveling it in like we were starving him at home. Carter had a pretty big plate of food too, the other kids kinda grazed, but the boys ate enough for all of them. Then, Evan had two pieces of cake!
We had such a fun time and it got us thinking about the boys birthday in August. We're still not sure if we want to do a party this year or not.
Sunday, after going to the gym, we ran by Sam's Club. Evan has started staying in the car with me while Carter goes in with Greg. I love this one on one time with Evan because I feel like when we split up, it's usually me and Carter and Evan with Greg. Evan thinks he's something sitting up front and he was being so sweet sharing his fish with me. :)

The boys were so hyped up when we got home and were playing so good when it was time for nap. So, when we put them in their rooms, they kept getting out of bed and trying to go get the other one to play. We decided to just skip nap and take them to the Big Room at Adventure Central. There were only two other kids there, it only seems to be busy if there's a birthday party going on. the boys had a blast.

They played over here for a long time, building tunnels and houses and then crashing into them.

Greg and I battled it out on the free "Whac a Mole" game. I won, by a landslide. ;)

After playing at the Big Room, we went to the gym again and took the boys in the pool. They have "family time" hours every day and on Sundays, it's pretty much the whole day. This was the first time we've ever taken the boys to the pool at our gym and they had so much fun. There's a warm water pool too, which is SO nice.

We decided to go out to dinner afterwards at place near the house that has really yummy pizza. We never take the boys there because it's not as fast as Mexican or Chick-Fil-A, but we figured we'd try it out. I don't know what we were thinking. They skipped their nap and then we wore them out playing and swimming and then we took them to a restaurant. Evan was actually really, really good. But, once he's done, he's done. He'll take his last bite and then he starts getting up and says "ok, let's go now" but, he sat so good, he colored, he was quiet and polite. He actually did really good and he's normally the one that is more wild in public. Carter, on the other hand, was something else. He was exhausted and moody. We ordered bread with marina sauce for him and every time the server came to refill drinks or anything he'd say "Where's our bread?!" And if she'd try and take a plate or something, he'd say "no! Don't touch that" he was loud and a little whiny. I took him outside for a few minutes and when we came back in, he screamed with delight at seeing Evan again. Like, screamed!! Haha, we joked that we would go out to dinner again when the boys are in college. But, really, it is getting so much easier to eat out with them, we just have to time it right and not on days they didn't get a nap.

After we got home and put the boys to bed (early, since they skipped nap and swam) we had some wine and watched a movie. I got to open my Mother's day gift from my friend, Brandi. I've had it for over a week and waited patiently for Mother's day to open it. So much fun stuff--Thirty One tote, Safe Haven, a yoga dvd by the same woman that works with Jennifer Aniston, some nail polish, lip gloss, chocolate!

We had a great weekend and I had a very nice Mother's Day. Even though it was Greg's day to sleep in, he let me since it was Mother's Day! And I do love to sleep in. :)

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