Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last Day of School

The boys had their last day of school on Thursday. It was a sad, sad day. ;) What am I going to do with them all summer?! Just kidding. (sort of) I can't believe a whole school year has gone by. You can read about their first day of school here.  

This is a picture that somebody took on the first day of school.

I volunteered the last day of school and snapped some pics of the kids at snack time for a comparison.

All the kids have grown so much.

They had cookies that were leftover from the graduation and brunch on Wednesday.

This was a picture I got a week before school ended. The boys look so grown to me.

On the first day of school, the boys were so excited and would not stop and look at the camera. So, I had them face the door on the last day of school, so I could get a comparison picture. Look how much taller they are!!!
I cannot believe how much bigger they are.

The boys have grown so much since they started school. I can see such a difference in them with their social skills and the things they've learned. I knew putting them in a part time preschool was going to be so beneficial for them. We were so blessed this year with wonderful teachers. All the other parents were so nice and all the boys classmates were so sweet. I'm so glad that we decided to put them in preschool and that we chose this one. The boys are really going to miss going to school over the summer.

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