Thursday, May 16, 2013

Waterpark Fun

Yesterday afternoon, Greg ended up getting off at his normal time. I was planning on taking the boys to the waterpark with their friend that morning, but it ended up being cloudy and cold. After their naps, the sun had come out and it really warmed up. We were going to go to the gym, but we decided to all head down to check out the waterpark. I figured it wouldn't be very busy with kids still being in school and it'd be nice to try it out with Greg there the first time. My friend ended up texting me after her kids woke up to tell me she was going too. It was really the perfect time to go there for the first time because there was hardly anybody there.

There's a shallow end that goes to 1 or 1.5 feet and then the roped off part slowly goes to 4 ft. There's a fun little frog slide in the shallow part too.

The boys were in heaven, they love the water! They were so excited to be there.

There's also a gated off baby pool for kids under 4, which is perfect for when I take the boys by myself. There's a splash pad and then a decent sized pool. There's plenty of shade with all the trees.

Evan went down this slide a million times. He had so much fun. Carter liked just walking around and splashing at first. He didn't go down the frog slide until we had been there quite awhile, but after he went down it once, he loved it and went down over and over too.

I had to take a picture of this enormous slide they have. Evan had a huge meltdown when we first got there because he wanted to go down that slide. He doesn't meet the height requirement, but try explaining that to a two year old! He was not happy, he has no fear and wanted to go down it as soon as he saw it. But, he calmed down after a few minutes and after trying the frog slide, he was fine.

The boys figured out immediately that they could just push the rope down and swim over it or hop out and go to the deeper end. They are going to be a handful this summer when I take them by myself. Luckily, they have puddle jumpers and several life guards.

The boys worked up an appetite while we were there and had to take a snack break. The boys' friend, Konnor, brought these pool toy--little torpedos things that you throw in the pool. Carter LOVED them, he held on to that toy the entire time. You can see it in his hand while he eats his snack.

Greg and I split up and each took a boy when we got there, so I ended up with more pictures of Evan. But, right before we left, I got one of Carter playing in the pool. I love how friendly kids are, this little boy just started playing with them and two other girls started playing with the boys right before we left. I love that kids can just make friends with whoever is around.

The boys slept an hour later this morning and I think it was because of the waterpark yesterday afternoon. Swimming and sunshine really wears them out.

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