Friday, May 10, 2013

Trip to the Fire Station

Wednesday morning, I took the boys to the fire station with one of the moms groups I'm in. They did this last year, but I felt like the boys were just too young, and I've been looking forward to taking them ever since. The weather has been rainy, so this indoor activity was perfect.

I got the boys dressed in their fire truck shirts. They even agreed to pose for me! They were so excited about going.
The boys even hugged!! How stinking cute are they?! I love this picture.  
The fire station was less than a 10 minute drive from our house, which was nice.

We had a quick introduction in one of the conference rooms when we got there. Most of the kids were the boys' age or younger, so the firefighter kept it short and sweet and then gave us a very short tour of the station. I think if the kids were older, we would have spent more time on those things, but the kids were ready to see the fire trucks!

One of the boys from Evan and Carter's preschool class came and I tried to get a picture. None of them would look at the same camera. haha.

Their friend's grandfather was trying to get a picture of them too.

One of the firefighters got dressed in front of the kids in the full uniform. I never thought about it before, but they said a lot of kids get scared when they see a firefighter in the full outfit with the breathing thing that sounds kinda creepy. So, he wanted the kids to see all the articles of clothing he was putting on and would ask "this isn't scary, is it?" and the kids would all scream "Noooo" it was so cute and I'm glad he did that for them.

The boys listened pretty well. I was worried since they're young and very, very active, but he didn't get long winded and definitely kept their attention.

Then, he asked the kids to come up and give him high five and see him up close. the boys raced over there, they weren't scared at all.

Carter giving him high five.

Then the kids got to get inside one of the fire trucks.

You can see Evan in the back ground smiling.

The fire fighters all said something to the boys about their fire truck shirts and the boys just ate it up! They loved it.

I couldn't believe all the posing the boys were willing to do. One mom took her little girl over to the side to take a picture of her and Carter ran over and stood next to her and said "cheese"! haha. He was just in photo mode and thought that anytime ANYBODY was taking a picture, he was supposed to stop and smile.

They ended up opening up another fire truck and letting the kids check out the back and then sit in the front. They let the boys turn off and on their flashlights. the boys just had the best time.

Evan, sitting in the front of the fire truck.

Carter, sitting in the front of the fire truck.

I went to get one last picture of the boys and this is what I got. I don't know what Carter is doing.

Then, he finally smiles and Evan starts getting antsy.

And....they're done with pictures.

 I had the best time taking the boys to the fire station. This was one of those fun things that I was excited about doing, especially when I found out I was having boys. They were so good for me, I was a little worried that they would be wild, but they did really good. I actually brought my good camera and got it out when we got there to take a picture of them in front of the fire station and they posed perfectly---and I realized the battery was dead. Waaaa!! I finally bring my good camera out and couldn't believe I didn't think to check the battery. But, I was able to get a lot of picture on my phone, so it worked out. I truly enjoy doing things like this as much as the boys. I love seeing them excited and happy and experiencing something for the first time.

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