Friday, May 16, 2014

Dental Surgery and Stomach Bugs

On May 6th, I had a dental surgery to get an implant for one of my front teeth. It got knocked out on the playground when I was younger and I got a bridge my senior year of high school. Those are not meant to be permanent and I have been putting off getting the implant, but I finally bit the bullet and did it. My mom came over and drove the boys to school with me and then she took me to the dentist and waited during the procedure and took me home afterwards. She got the boys and my pain meds and then ended up coming the next two days to drive the boys to school and back and stayed with them until Greg got home. I don't know what I would have done without that help. Greg brought me milk shakes on his way home. He ordered me to stay in bed (so did my mom) and not to worry about the boys or anything and just to rest.
Well, Tuesday night, Carter woke up throwing up in his bed. So, after a couple sheet and pajama changes, I got him a puke bucket, set up towels all around him, got him some water and set up a bed on his floor for me, but I was up from 2-7 with him. My mom came over extra early to be there when Evan woke up--which she immediately scooped up and brought downstairs before he went into Carter's room to wake him up (like he does every morning) and my mom got him completely ready, fed, and off to school. Then, she came back and took care of carter until it was time to go get Evan. Carter seemed fine on Wednesday, just tired and not real hungry, but it was a quick stomach bug. If we're going to get them--that's how I like them--nice and quick.

The boys just loved having Mamaw here, Evan wanted her to sit with him while he did puzzles and Carter just wanted to be in her lap while he practiced drawing letters. They just wanted her to be right there. It was so helpful. You can see the pile of stuff I've been selling, changing pads, play yards, etc.

The boys brought me home some very precious mother's day gifts that they made at school.

They were so excited about these necklaces, they wanted me to put them on immediately. When I told them how much I loved them, their faces just lit up. It was the best gift ever. I've worn them several times since--on Mother's Day, to chaperone water day at their school and they always say something about how pretty I look in them. They're just so cute about it and ask me if I'm going to wear them when we're talking about going somewhere. I love them and will wear them anytime they want me to.

We had the boys lay in the pack-n-plays we've been holding on to and they were too long. We have two and my parents had two, so we needed to sell those.

The boys loved being our testers.

During my recovery, we made a quick trip to the dollar tree and I got the boys a few things to keep them busy since I wasn't doing as much with them in the days following my surgery.

We've decided that we'd like to get the boys big boy beds before Labor Day and so we went mattress shopping one night. We were actually going to get them that weekend, but changed our minds and want to get all the things that go along with changing their toddler beds to full size beds like new sheets, comforters, mattress pads, bed rails, etc. Plus, I have a couple of decorative things I want to do to their rooms before converting their beds.

The boys had a blast at the mattress store and are very excited about getting big beds.

Saturday night, we took the boys to Parents Night Out at the YMCA for the first time. It's actually free for metro members (which we are) and it's from 6-9:30 and they even feed them dinner from Papa Johns or chick-fil-a. The boys love the play area at the gym, their girls there are great about doing things like story time, crafts, etc. and they love just playing with the other kids. Here's Carter before going in. He was excited-I promise.

And Evan. See the parents all waiting outside. We're all ready to drop off the kiddos and get our date nights started! :)

We went to dinner and then out to frozen yogurt afterwards. (it's in there, I swear, under the massive amount of toppings we put on it) It was nice. We didn't want to keep the boys there until 9:30, that's just way too late for them, so we picked them up at 8:00. They have this 2 Saturdays a month and we plan to take advantage of it over the summer, but I don't think we'll ever leave them later than 8-8:30, but 2 hours of free babysitting is perfect. We can go out to dinner and still have time to run to a couple stores or go get dessert, so we're looking forward to these parents night outs.

On Mother's Day we went to my parents house for dinner. They were originally going to have steak (my favorite) but my diet was still limited due to my dental surgery and they thought it'd be mean to have steak in front of me. So, they had ribs and I had biscuits and gravy and it was perfect to eat with the pain and limitations I had that day.

The boys played outside. Evan actually came in the house and said he was going to take a nap and went up to bed, covered himself up and went to sleep. I think there will always be times like that with Evan even long after we've cut naps.

We brought the bubble machine and the boys spent some time outside.

Most people were posting beautiful family pictures on Instagram, so I shared this little gem from my Mother's day. Greg passed out on the couch waiting for the ribs to be ready and Carter digging for gold. Greg saw this on Instagram and said "how could you? I look like Homer Simpson!!" I can do what I want for Mother's day. ;)

Aunt Caroline and Carter.

I got some alphabet puzzles from the Dollar Tree and have some plans for them that I saw on Pinterest, but for now, the boys are loving putting them together.

The other day the boys asked for a banana split, turns out they think a banana split is a banana sliced up with sprinkles on it. They were so excited and kept saying "yummy, this is delicious" I love how the little things make them so happy.

Our second to last soccer game the other night. I love when they hold hands, which they've been doing a lot lately.

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