Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Weekend of Summer

The boys had their last day of school on Thursday, May 15th. They are doing a summer program, called a Summer Playcation, at their new preschool starting on May 27th, it'll be every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-1:30 and goes until the middle of July. So, the boys have a week between school getting out and their summer program starting. (i'll talk more about the program next week) I wanted to try and take advantage of being out of school and make sure that the boys had a lot of fun. I tried to plan some fun things for every day that week.

Friday (their first day of summer) we took our time getting ready in the morning and then headed to the park. It was pretty chilly when we left and the boys actually had to wear hoodies and I woke pants and a light jacket. I brought some turtle food with me and we fed the turtles--I think I like doing this as much as the boys do.
The boys and I love seeing all the wildlife that's at the park, there's tons of snakes (down below in the gated off pond, close enough to see but nowhere near us) frogs, geese, turtles and unfortunately fire ants. After we got done feeding the turtles, we started heading back to the park and the boys stopped to jump on a pile of dirt, then they both started screaming about something biting them. They were both covered with fire ants. If you've never been bit by a fire ant, it's hurts--bad!! I think it hurts more than any bee sting I've ever had. I had to get the boys shoes and socks off and knock off all the fire ants that were biting them, while the boys were screaming and crying. It was awful. I finally got them off and the boys calmed down, which was not easy, but they finally calmed down and were able to go back to playing.  
The boys love this monkey bar area and love hanging and climbing over it.  
They played there for a few minutes and then Evan ran over to the playground/slide area where there's a see saw. He called for Carter to come ride it with him and Carter took off.  
As soon as he got on the pavement, he fell and skinned both his knees. He hadn't been calmed down from the fire ant incident for more than 5-10 minutes when this happened. He was a mess. It took awhile to get him calm enough to pick him up and carry him to the car. He was screaming to take him to a doctor, his legs were broken, etc. We had planned on going to the library after the park, but we changed our plans and went to Walmart to get some bandaids instead (now I have several in my purse for times like this)
He cried and cried on the way to Walmart. when we got there, he had to lie down in the cart because of his knees. Carter is definitely our more dramatic one, I wish ya'll could have heard him through Walmart (he wasn't crying, but he'd whimper every now and then and was just very, very pitiful) or saw him when I got him out and he had to walk 2 steps to the car to get in, oh my. But, we got some bandaids (which I had to open right there in the aisle, before his legs fell off) and then I let the boys pick out some food to have a picnic lunch at home.
After our dramatic morning, I decided maybe being outside wasn't such a good idea, plus it was super windy. So, we had our picnic in the floor of our living room. The boys loved it, they thought they were something getting to do that. I even got the grill out and grilled their hotdogs for them, which they loved.
The boys liked being able to lay down and just have more freedom than they do at the table.
 After lunch, the boys worked on these Melissa and Doug puzzles I got them. I was in Kid-To-Kid (a consignment shop) when I saw these. I've been wanting to get the boys these for awhile and with it being a consignment store and I had a coupon, it ended up only being 6.00! Evan loves to do puzzles, but Carter ended up liking these even more than Evan.
He loved counting what he had left to do, like "I need 3 more green triangles"  
That night, the boys had their last soccer game. Carter started out the season strong, he did good in the first few practices and games, but then he decided he was done. He started acting shy and didn't want to go on the field anymore. He seemed fine if we'd get there early and it was just a few kids playing before everybody showed up, he liked that, but as soon as it started getting crowded, he'd come by me and refuse to go play. We didn't push it though, we want sports to be a positive experience. They're so young and we just signed them up to start exposing them to sports. We didn't even know there were going to be games when we signed them up, we thought it'd just be practices and some fun drills and stuff. We're not playing sports over the summer and we may take fall off also and not sign them up for anything again until next spring. Another mom took several pictures from the last game and emailed them to us.
This is what the last few games looked like for Carter. Before we got there, he'd be fine and when we left he'd act like he liked soccer, but just wasn't interested in playing when there were a lot of people around.

The season was very, very unorganized. We didn't have a coach until the last minute, several games were cancelled because of weather, our coach quit in the middle of the season, and it was just very hectic and unorganized. None of us really knew much about soccer, I think only one kid had played before, but we were playing against teams that were much more organized and experienced. Had we known how it was going to go, we would have held out another season or two before signing them up. They were the youngest on their team, the other kids were 4-5 years old (but hadn't turned 5 by the cut off date for the older kid soccer). Sign up started at age 3 and it was for "soccer school" (verses "soccer", which is what it said for the 5 and up) so we were expecting something a little different.

Evan playing.

All the kids got a little trophy at the end of the season. The boys LOVE that trophy. They carried it around everywhere for the first few days after until we made them put it on their dresser to look at (after one of them got hurt on one)

Carter was so excited to get a trophy, but was not thrilled to have to go up and get it in front of anybody.

And this is the face Carter makes when he doesn't want to take a picture. He is stubborn as a mule and if he doesn't want to smile or do something, he's not going to do it.

 A few other pictures from our weekend.
Playing with the bubble machine.

Both boys are obsessed with sun glasses right now and like to wear them in the car and sometimes when we're outside.

The boys have worked on these puzzles several times.

That weekend, I forgot my phone several times at the house and wasn't able to get pictures of everything, but we made a few trips to some parks, including a sand park on Fort Gordon. The weather was beautiful, so we packed up a big bag of the boys sand toys and we went to the sand park and played for about 2 hours. The boys had such a blast and I did too, actually. Greg set up a folding chair in the shade right next to us and the boys and I built sand castles, dug, and just had a blast.

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