Monday, May 26, 2014

Sand Park and the Pool

Thursday, I took the boys to the splash park. It was insane, there was a field trip there, a graduation type party and it was just packed. the boys had a great time for about 10 minutes and then decided they were ready to go home.

I love that they're holding hands. :)

So, since I had spent so much time getting them ready, putting on sunscreen, etc. we came home and I got the pools out and they played while I watered my garden.

Thursday was the only day they didn't take a nap last week, so when Greg got home, we decided to go to the park. They wanted to go to the sand park, but it was hot and windy, so we didn't last there very long. We stayed for about 15-20 minutes and then we headed to another park on Fort Gordon that is shaded so they could play.

I really love this park though, we love feeding the fish, turtles and geese. It was so hot, so we set up in the shade under the playground.

The boys just love playing with their sand toys.

Friday, Evan woke up at 4:30. It's been a long time since he's woke up that early. So, he got in bed with me and watched a movie on my ipad.

We went to Chick-Fil-A for the boys to play and met Aunt Caroline there. She came back home with us and hung out for a little while.

The boys have to have bbq sauce AND ketchup with their chicken. Every single time, even at home.

That night, we went out for pizza. We were exhausted from getting up so early, Greg was recovering from being sick, so we decided to skip cooking dinner and just go out. I brought some crayons and notebooks for the boys and Carter just loved practicing his letters while we waited on the pizza.

Evan was just excited to eat, we got some garlic knots to hold them over until the pizza came. He loves them and we always go early enough that happy hour is still going on and they're half off.

Saturday was opening day of the outdoor pool at the Y, so we took the boys and they had a blast. The water was freezing but the boys didn't seem to mind. It wasn't very busy, I thought it was going to be packed, they had a radio station there, free hot dogs and soda, etc. but we did get there pretty early, so maybe it got busier later in the day.

Carter thought the water was a little too cold at first, but he warmed up.

The boys played for over an hour, they played in the kiddie pool and the splash area and then we all got in the deep pool and let the boys work on swimming. I didn't get any pictures but they had a blast, they would climb out and jump back in (they were wearing their puddle jumpers) we all took good naps that afternoon.

I know that we'll spend a lot of time here this summer.

Every 50 minutes, the lifeguards take a 10 minute break and everybody has to get out of the pool. We always bring lots of good snacks for the boys and they are so distracted by graham crackers or pineapple that they don't mind getting out for 10 minutes.

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