Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

It's been awhile since my last post, the boys are keeping us so busy! Gone are the good 'ol days when they just laid in the floor played on their baby gym and slept all the time. Of course, at the time, I couldn't wait for them to start crawling and moving around. What was I thinking? :) Of course I love every minute of it, but I'm exhausted and after chasing after them all day, I don't have as much time for everything else--like blogging.

Greg's parents and brother, Brian, came to visit from Arizona for the weekend. They hadn't seen the boys since September and it was Brian's first time meeting the boys. It wasn't the relaxing, entertaining visits that they used to be before we had kids. Greg had a to do list that he wanted to get done and he took advantage of having 3 extra people here who wanted to play with the boys. Most of what he did was baby-proofing. He put some locks on the dresser drawers in the nursery. He went to Babies R Us and got a gate to section of the front room so we would have a place to set the boys down if we needed to do anything. We moved the couches from there down to the basement and set up a tv area down there, so there's no furniture in our front room. We went furniture shopping and found some things we liked, they were having great deals, and Greg even agreed to my choice of fabric and style of chairs, but that would mean giving up that big space that we don't have to worry about the boys getting into anything or hurting themselves. So, I decided to hold off a few months and we'll just use that as an area for the boys. Greg moved my pepper plants from their pots and into the ground and him and his mom went to the store and got some herbs, more tomato plants, and some flowers for my pots on the front porch and they planted all of it.

We went out to eat several times while his parents were here, grilled out, played with the boys, and watched a few movies in the basement after the boys went to bed. The boys got to try some ice cream for the very first time as well as some yummy mashed potatoes from Michie's Tavern. We also bought the boys a blow up pool for the deck/yard and let them swim in it for the first time Memorial Day weekend. I was so bad about taking pictures over the weekend, but I did manage to get several of their first time in the pool. They looked so cute in their swimming trunks! Evan didn't know what to think at first and Carter LOVED it. Of course, Greg's mom and I were encouraging him to splash around and even showing him how. So, what does he do later on in his bath?! haha, he practiced all his new splashing skills in the bath and got water everywhere. It's so easy to fill up the pool though and it fits right on our deck, so we'll be spending a lot of time out there this summer. Also, they took a great nap afterwards!! :)

Here's the pictures I took over Memorial Day weekend. I got the boys memorial day outfits and everything and forgot to take pictures of that on Memorial Day. It's the first holiday ever that I haven't taken a picture of the boys. :( I'm slacking!!

Evan didn't know what was going on, he just kept looking at everybody.
Greg with the boys after we spent forever getting them ready. Little swimmers diapers, swimming trunks, sunscreen, etc.
Still just looking around not sure what to do.
Finally, Carter makes a move.
I love when they smile and laugh at each other!! It's so sweet.
Not sure why we put the hats on them. We folded the bill and they're coming off anyways, it really defeats the purpose.
Carter and Evan with Grandma, Grandpa, and uncle Brian.

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