Sunday, May 22, 2011

9 Months

I'm a little late with this post, the boys turned 9 months old on the 18th. It seems like they've changed so much in the past month.

We had their 9 month checkup on May 16th and Carter weighed 20lbs 8oz and was 28.5 inches, he's in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height. Evan weighed 18lbs 8oz and was 28inches, he's in the 25th percentile for weight and 50th for height.

Both boys are too big/long for 9 month clothes. They're wearing all 12 month clothes, but some of the pants are a little big for Evan.

Evan has 6 teeth, Carter doesn't have any.

Both boys are crawling. Carter does the traditional crawl, Evan is able to, but doesn't, he prefers to army crawl. Carter can get himself into the sitting position and stand up on his own. He can pull up on things and tries to climb. Evan can stand, but isn't able to get himself up on his own yet.

Both boys are getting 4 bottles a day and three meals of solid foods. We're giving them primarly Gerber baby food, and just going through the stages, they're in stage 3 right now. We've given them a tiny bit of table food--watermelon, blueberries, cottage cheese, refried beans (we were at a mexican restaurant--they liked them!) and they're getting finger foods about twice a day. We usually give them yogurt melts and Baby MumMum crackers. We also give them water in sippy cups and Evan will drink some apple juice mixed with water.

The boys are interacting so much more now. They laugh at each other, follow each other around, "talk", smile, steal each other's toys, play together, etc. They'll also hold hands sometime when they're in their high chairs and when they're looking out the window, Carter will put his hand on Evan's back and sometimes when they're sitting, Evan will put his hand on Carter's back. It's SO sweet!!!

Evan's first word was "Carter" and his second word is "Yay!", he says it when he claps, it's so cute. He loves to clap, he does it all the time. Him and Carter both babble all the time and say mamma, dadda, etc, but we're not 100% sure they know exactly who is who, although I'm almost positive they know what "dadda" and "daddy" means.

They love looking outside and being outside. They love anything and everything that's not a toy. An empty milk jug, curtains, trash cans, their high chairs (when they're on the ground and not in them) chairs, shoes, drawers, etc. They are in to everything and they're fast!! I'll turn my head for a second and hear them take off. They cannot stand to have their diaper changed or clothes put on, they do not like being on their backs, they want to be up and moving and exploring at all times. We have to give them remote controls, coasters, etc. just to keep them occupied long enough to change a diaper.

They love bathtime. They also love their playtime right before the bath when they're just in their diapers. We tried bathing them at the same time in the tub, but they are too active for that. We bought a blow up duck that they can sit in one at a time and that's what we're using right now. They really like it.

They went through a stranger anxiety stage that lasted like, a week. I don't know if that's it or what, but they are back to the way they were before. Carter will usually make people work for a smile, he's not just going to smile at a stranger just because they say "Hi". He warms up pretty quick though, after a few minutes he can't hold out anymore and he's his normal cooing, hollering, laughing self. Evan is still a little ladies man. He's always been outgoing and friendly, but now he's really into girls. We'll walk by a young girl in the store and he'll look at them and smile and if they don't notice him, he'll holler at them until they do and then when they look, he'll give them a huge smile. And of course it works, they're like "Oh, aren't you just so cute". He knows what he's doing!

The boys are still great at getting out. They love shopping. We go out almost every single day with them. Either to Sam's Club, Target, Kroger, Walmart, the mall, etc. Sometimes it's just to get out, but we usually need something-formula, diapers, baby food, etc. They are so good while we're out, whether we're shopping or eating out, they're always so well behaved, we're really, really lucky with that. I hope they're like that forever. :)

We had the boys 9 month pictures taken and here's the link. My sign in name is and the password is 2cuties, for anybody who wants to see them or order any prints.

And here's the ones that I was able to get at home.

So happy.

In the middle of clapping--one of his favorite things to do! & look at that mouthful of teeth!!

I was having the hardest time getting his attention and getting him to smile. He was way too concerned with what Evan was getting into.

I love this picture, I wish I could have got the "9 months" on his shirt in this picture, but I love how happy he

This is what Evan was up to, and what Carter was watching, while I was trying to get Carter's 9 month pictures.

Carter playing with an empty milk jug that he found next to the trash can. As soon as he saw it, his face lit up and he rushed over there and played with it for the longest time.

They both are obsessed with playing with the high chairs.

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