Monday, May 2, 2011

8 Month Picture Mishaps

Yesterday I mentioned that I try and get a picture of the boys together on a chair in their room around the 18th of each month. I tried to do that with the boys 8 month pictures and it was not happening. I had this great idea to take pictures of the boys in their bath robes. I got these super cute robes at Target before the boys were born and then realized that they are not practical and there's no time that the boys are spending in these bathrobes. But, since I thought they were so cute, I thought I'd at least get some pictures of the boys in them. Evan was so hyped up, he was all over the place. Here's how the pictures turned out.

At first, Carter wasn't cooperating.
Then the boys play a little
Evan was as happy as could be.
Carter trying to get away from Evan

Trying to escape
Evan started trying to roll over on Carter and my mom's trying to reposition him.
Carter's just laid back and Evan's all hyped up.
Then he discovers Carter's diaper. They never run around in just their diapers, I always have them in clothes except for like, 2 minutes right before their bath when the water is running.
I guess the texture and noise and everything was interesting to him.
And like every single thing he touches--it goes in his mouth.
I was laughing so hard at this point, that even Carter started laughing.

Evan still refusing to sit still and pose.
So happy!!
We finally gave up and decided to see if we could get some pictures of them each by themselves.

Obviously, Evan wasn't having it.
This is him trying to get in the lying down position so he can roll over on his stomach and play.

That is what it's like to try and get pictures of the two of them together. And I had my mom here to help me with these, you can only imagine how it is with me by myself trying to take pictures of them. That's why most of the pictures of the two of them are on the floor, I can't put them both in the chair and take pictures, one is bound to wiggle out of the chair and onto the floor.

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  1. I SERIOUSLY just laughed out loud for about 3 minutes straight. Those are precious!!! I think they're even better than a "perfect" one might have turned out!