Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Computer Room Reveal

While my mom was out last, I completely re-did my side of the computer room. I got a new desk, got rid of my desktop computer, and started from scratch. I love how my side turned out. There's still some things I want to do, like pretty up my bulletin and magnetic board, but here's the pictures of how it turned out.

I bought some cute scrapbooking paper from Michael's that matches the colors I used on  my desk, so I could print labels, and some things for my bulletin board. You can see it on the floor next to the desk.

I even organized all my paperwork and filed it away.
A magazine rack I got from IKEA that I took from a different room to put in here. And that thing on the right is a souvenir from Jamaica that we got and never put up. It has our names engraved on it.
These were all my mom's idea. I wouldn't have thought to get flowers. I'm glad I listened to her, I love the way they turned out. These were part of my mother's day gift from her. So weird that this holiday applies to me now.
I had a black mesh trash can, pencil cup, and paper holders, so I just spray painted them. It was much cheaper than buying new stuff.
These were on clearance at Michael's and we found them after I spray painted the other things. The blue is almost a perfect match, I was so excited. What are the chances of finding something that matches and it's on clearance?!
I stole these paper holders off Greg's desk. And the "S" is a paperweight that I got in the dollar section at Michael's.
I got the boxes from IKEA a long time ago, and I just replaced the white label in front with some blue scrapbooking paper that matched.
My borning bulletin board, I plan on decorating it this week. The magnetic board to the right was also on sale at Michael's. The "S" that's on there was in the dollar section at Michaels and was originally a hook, I removed the hook and added a magnet to the back and put it up for decoration. The picture above my diploma is of the Kennesaw State campus that I found at Michael's in Augusta, Georgia and was on clearance. They had other ones and I'm kicking myself for not buying them all-they were cheap and I love having pictures of my college.

That's my side of the computer room. I will not be showing Greg's side. It's a hot mess. I'll do a post later this week of the bedroom makeover that I worked on when my friend, Brandi was out in November.

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