Sunday, May 1, 2011

8 Months

I'm so behind on this post and it seems like the boys have even changed a lot in the two weeks since they've turned 8 months old, and with them being sick for a couple of weeks, I just feel like the past month was so crazy. I know I'm probably missing a lot of the things that happened, and I might be confusing my months, but I'll try and list some of the things they've been up to lately.

The boys are both sitting great. I know, they're 8 months old, it's about time. Greg & I honestly didn't think Evan would ever be able to sit, he's so squirmy and cannot be still for a second, but he's mastered sitting and it's so cute to see him and Carter sitting and playing together. They both prefer to either be in the sitting position or on their stomach.

They are eating 3 meals of solids a day, on most days. If we are running errands or something comes up, sometimes we have to skip one, but for the most part, they're eating three meals a day. They've been eating some finger foods that I did a post on, and Greg's given them a couple of bites of things (when I'm not around) but, we're taking it slow with food. I think after their 9 month checkup we'll step it up as far as introducing more things.

Both boys are on the brink of crawling. They get on all fours and rock back and forth, both of them can go backwards. Evan can do a sort of army crawl. However, both of them are able to get wherever they want to go. If they want to get somewhere, they roll, pull themselves, go backwards, whatever it takes.

They are sleeping through the night beautifully! Finally!!! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. We think it's due to the white noise player we got at Target, they've been sleeping so good since we got this. We can watch tv downstairs and not have to worry about waking the boys up, we cook dinner, clean up, talk, etc. and the boys don't stir. I love it!!

Carter still does not have any teeth. Evan had two on April 18th (the day he turned 8 months old) and within a week, he got 3 more, so he now has 5. He's been getting them in pairs, so we think the 6th one is coming any day now, but who knows.

We're putting the boys in 12 month clothes now. Since the weather has been warm, they've been wearing all their cute, summer outfits.

We don't know how much they weigh or how long they are since they don't have an appointment until their 9 month checkup in May.

I know I'm all over the place with this post and I'm probably forgetting so many things, I guess that's what happens when I don't stay on top of it. I'll have to do better next month.

Here's some of their 8 months pics. I usually like to get one of the boys together in the chair that's in their room. I tried to do that while my mom was here and it didn't go as planned. I'm getting all the pictures together to do a post on that. There's so many pictures that it needs it's own post. Everybody will get to see what I'm dealing with when I try and take a picture of these boys together, it's hilarious.

Evan was on the other side of the room, but him & Carter both love to tip over the baskets in each room that I have their toys in and go through them all. He managed to roll over to the basket and start rummaging through all the toys.

Both boys love being outside. We've noticed that Carter gets super chatty when he's happy and that's what he was doing when my mom and me took him and Evan out on the deck.

Carter, right after waking up.
Then he discovered the sticker.
And into the mouth it goes.
We don't have to put the pillows behind them anymore, they both sit great.

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