Friday, May 6, 2011


Today was pretty uneventful. I did a post yesterday without any pictures, so like I promised, here's some pictures of the boys.

*they're all out of order and completely random, I just wanted to post some for our families*

Carter thought he was something sitting in my computer chair.

Those cups are still one of their favorite things to play with.
They love to hold the cups up to their mouths and holler.
I love his outfit, I got several shirts and shorts from Kohl's like this. They were so inexpensive and you can mix and match the shirts and shorts.
Both boys do this, but Carter much more so than Evan. They will reach for my camera while I'm taking pictures of them.
He had just woke up from his nap and we were playing until Carter got up
I love how blue his eyes are in this picture. Both boys have blue eyes, Evan's are a dark blue and Carter's are a light blue.
You can see his teeth, it's so crazy when he smiles real big and has a mouthful of teeth!!
This is what they both love to do, blow raspberries. Evan loves to do it with a mouthful of baby food.
Trying to crawl
He wants to crawl so bad!
Carter has both pacifiers in his hand, he likes to clink them together. You will never see Evan with a pacifier when Carter's around because Carter has taken it.
And I know this picture will probably embarrass them when they're older, but I think it's sooooo sweet. I love it!!

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