Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Week Recap

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my mom and sister, Caroline, came up for a week after our weekend in TN. They left yesterday morning and I already miss them. :( I really enjoyed their visit and I know the boys did, too. The boys schedule was completely off all last week, I guess from our trip. I also don't think they liked me trying to get them to take their naps, I think they thought they were exempt from napping since Mamaw and Aunt Caroline were here. Evan's also decided that getting up at 4:00-4:30am is a good idea. So, needless to say, we've been pretty exhausted, but I'm so glad that I had some company last week or I might have lost my mind. The boys are getting back into their routine, Evan still got up early yesterday and today, but they're back to taking their naps, so I'm happy. Greg has a 4 day weekend coming up next weekend, so hopefully that doesn't throw them off their routine again since we try and do things on Greg's days off that sometime mess with the boys nap schedule.

It rained some while my mom and Caroline were here, but when it wasn't raining the weather was really nice. We took advantage of the nice weather and tried to let the boys get some fresh air as much as we could. We took the boys to Yoder's Country Market and had lunch and let the boys pet the goats. Evan loves animals, he gets so excited and has no fear. Carter was perfectly content letting Aunt Caroline hold him while he looked at the goats from a safe distance. They also had ducks, chickens, etc. that the boys enjoyed looking at.

The boys spent a lot of  time on our deck, too. I was able to water our vegetables and flowers while my mom and Caroline watched them. They loved it out there.
We put the boys on a blanket in the yard under the deck where it was shaded. I was afraid the boys might be a little shy around Aunt Caroline since they hadn't seen her since Christmas, but that was not the case. They loved her! Evan was on her the entire time they were outside, it was really cute.
So happy!!
He loves touching people's teeth! I don't think she did. :)

This is how Carter likes to touch the grass, on his terms. He'll even crawl in it and everything if he can do it himself, but if we try and stand him in the grass--he does NOT like it.
Evan hugging Aunt Caroline. So sweet!!

We really enjoyed their visit and can't wait until they come back.

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