Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Months

The boys turned 10 months old on the 18th, so I'm a little behind on this post. I cannot believe how mobile they are now! They're cruising around everywhere. I think Carter is going to start walking very soon and Evan will probably be a few weeks behind, I can't believe it.

They both are pulling up great, standing, squatting, cruising, etc. Carter likes to walk with his toy post office push walker. Evan likes playing on it and can walk behind it, but usually gets distracted by all the fun stuff to play with one it.

They are into EVERYTHING!! I have to watch them like hawks. They love going through the cabinets that we left open for them in the kitchen and playing with the plastic bowls, but they also love the drawer in the stove which we haven't figured out how to baby proof yet. They love going anywhere they know they're not supposed to be and they are fast! We leave the door to the laundry room closed during the day, if we go in there for something, they know it and will come flying down the hall from whatever part of the house they're in. It's so funny to hear them coming.

They are interacting more than ever. They love to play with whatever the other one has. Most of the time, they're very relaxed about it and just go with the flow, but sometimes they can get pretty upset at the other one for taking their toy. They always want the other one's pacifier. If they both have one in their mouth, they will go up to each other and switch.

They took their first overnight trip to TN and met a lot of the extended family for the first time. They loved it! They did pretty good considering we had no idea what we were doing since we had never traveled with babies before. Driving at night is the way to do it.

They're eating pretty much everything, we give them bites of almost anything we're eating. They are great eaters, Carter is a little pickier than Evan, but there's very few things he doesn't like. We can go out to eat with them at a sit down restaurant pretty easy now. We still need to start transitioning from the bottle to the sippy cup, but we have some time. My goal is to have them on sippy cups by their 1st birthday. Evan drinks great out of a sippy cup, Carter prefers his bottle. They love Gerber puffs & yogurt melts. They also seem much more likely to like a food if they get to feed it to themselves.

They are wearing 12 month clothes, although the pants/shorts are a little big around the waist on Evan. They're both in size 4 diaper.

They are sleeping better (for the most part) than they ever have. They each wake up about once at night and just for their pacifier. They are still on 3 naps a day, but their first one is slowly turning into a 2 hour nap, and their last one is usually really short, so we think they'll be taking 2 naps a day shortly, but I think I said that last month too. :)

Carter seems to becoming less shy around people, he especially loves older kids. Evan likes anybody. Evan LOVES animals. He loves petting the goats at Yoders and loved my aunt's cat when we visited. Carter seems to like animals, but likes to stay back and approach them when he's ready. Evan has no fear. He's like that with everything, Carter is more cautious and thinks about things. I'm so curious to see if that's how they'll be when their older.

Like every month, I feel like this post is all over the place. It's so hard to put into words how much they've changed and what all they're up to. I want to remember everything, but it's hard to write down everything that they're doing.

Pictures this month were something else! These boys are so energetic and the last thing they wanted to do was take pictures. I thought about trying on another day, but it probably wouldn't have helped since this is how they are now. Plus, I think it's fun to look back and see how they were-even if they weren't posing perfectly for the camera--that's what these posts are for.

Evan took off immediately.

We finally get him to sit still for 2 seconds, but he doesn't want to look at the camera, he's facsinated with his sticker.
Mamaw trying to help pose him.
And he's off. He just wanted to crawl back and forth on the couch. We have that area of the room blocked off, so it was something new and exciting.
So happy with himself that he escaped.
I think this is the best pose we got.
Carter lasted a little longer before taking off. Not much longer, though.
He's starting to slouch down to get ready to crawl off.
He sees Evan and it's all over.
So happy!

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