Friday, July 1, 2011


Greg has a 4 day weekend coming up that hopefully we can fill with lots of fun, family activities, so I wanted to go ahead and post about our day on Sunday before I get anymore behind.

My mom and sister got up and left Sunday morning around 6am. The boys woke up about 4am and were ready to go for the day. I got up with them and let Greg sleep in. He wasn't able to sleep and came downstairs and let me go back to bed while he took care of Evan & Carter. It was so nice, I ended up sleeping until about 8:00. I missed seeing off my mom and sister which I feel bad about,  but it was nice to get some much needed rest. Greg took a nap at 8:00 and when he got up we decided to take the boys to the park. We took them to Pen Park. I had been there with my mom's group and loved it and wanted to show Greg. We got there about 10:00 or so and there was hardly anybody there. We pushed the boys on the swings and let them play on the playground equipment. There's two different sets--one for small kids and one for the older kids. The boys had a blast. Evan has no fear and was all over the place and loved the slide. Carter loved checking everything out, but I don't think he loved the slide as much as Evan. Carter loved the swings, though. After the boys got done playing, we went to the downtown mall, a little outdoor mall with lots of restaurants and shops. There's lots of shade and it was the perfect place to go walking. We finished up with lunch at Guadalaraja, where the boys shared a cheese quesadilla. I love when we're able to go out and do fun things as a family. It always seems like there's a million things on our to do list like endless errands, cleaning, etc. so it's nice when we can take some time and relax.

Here's some pictures from our day.

This is the beautiful view from the park we went to.

I wanted to get some pictures of the boys in front of this fence, but Carter did not want us putting him on the grass. This is what he does when he's refusing to stand. We got so tickled and had to take a picture.
Evan had no problems posing for us.
Proof that Carter is just stubborn--here he is crawling on the grass. He has no problems with it, he just doesn't want us to put him on it for picture. Stubborn!!
Mmmm....cheese quesadilla

We sat outside on the patio. The weather was great and there was a pretty water fountain next to our table.

Notice that the boys are not in matching outfits? I normally try and coordinate their outfits instead of matching them, but I do have several matching outfits for them too. Well, a woman at the park saw them and said "Thank you so much for not matching them, they're just brothers who were born at the same time" and goes off on this rant about people dressing twins alike. I just smiled and nodded. When we got in the car, Greg was like "I guess it's a good thing we happened to put them in different outfits today".

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