Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Pictures

I touched on this in my 4th of July post, but we all managed to get sick over the 4 day weekend. Who gets sick in the summer?! So, I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted of the boys first 4th of July. It's hard enough trying to get pictures of them when they're healthy and happy, but when their tired, sick, & fussy--it wasn't happening. I was going through the pictures I took and figured I'd post some of the ones that I got of the weekend.

Greg's a little dramatic when he's sick
The boys stayed in the pjs most of the weekend.
I think it's so cute to see them "reading".
I have no idea why we made so much food. We also had a squash casserole. There's 10 ears of corn! For two people. I don't know what I was thinking.
I wanted to get a picture of the boys on the front stoop. I thought it was such a cute idea, but the boys weren't having it. They've never sat out there before, so they were way too busy checking everything out. We'd get one to look and the other one was distracted.
My mom bought the boys' 4th of July day outfits at Old Navy. She got Carter a 12-18 month and Evan a 6-12 and a 12-18 onsie. I wasn't paying attention and I took the tags off the 6-12 month one to wash it, but I wasn't worried, he's so skinny, I just knew it'd fit him. Haha, not really. It looks so small on him. But, since I was so "sure" that it'd fit, we didn't know until we put it on him to take the pictures. We were not going to fight with an active, sick baby to change it. So, we left him in it.
Carter's face is so funny in this picture.
I thought it was so cute that Carter had his hand on Evan's back the whole time.
Yay! Evan loves clapping, at anything.
Carter looks thrilled.
Carter was having a meltdown because Greg set him down and went into another room for a second. So dramatic.
Evan had had enough, he's shutting Carter's mouth. hahaha
This is how Carter looked in most of the pictures. Annoyed. Refusing to smile. He was having fun outside, but would not smile for the camera.
Haha, Carter has had enough of the pictures.
This is the best one I got of him the whole day.
This is what he did to show me he was done taking pictures.
Evan likes to crawl under anything he can.

So, there you have it. Our very boring 4th of July weekend in pictures.

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